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DevOps Engineer (AWS, GCP)

The Company

Star is a global technology company that connects strategy, design, and engineering services and helps companies to accelerate their product innovation. We support our customers every step of the co-creation way — from ideation and concept crafting to full-stack development and putting solutions into the hands and minds of end-users.
Star works for businesses in a variety of industries, including Automotive & Mobility, Health & Wellness, FinTech, and others.
Customers include Panasonic, Lotus, Zeiss, NIO, and Lufthansa.

The Opportunity

Our product is a digital fitness application that enables gyms to create a branded and engaging social fitness community. This interactive platform connects exercise equipment, third-party apps, and fitness trackers. It enables clubs, trainers, and customers from around the world to efficiently access, collect, and analyze fitness data. The branded health-club apps enable customers to enhance their training and workout sessions using personalized goal settings and fitness challenges.


Essential skills

  • Strong Linux/Unix administration skills;
  • Software lifecycle management experience;
  • Networking fundamentals (switching, routing, load balancing);
  • Web servers administrating (nginx, apache, haproxy);
  • Versioning (Git, SVN, etc.);
  • Scripting/programming skills (Bash, Python/Go, etc.);
  • Monitoring tools (Grafana, Prometheus stack, etc.);
  • Log analytics (EFK stack, Cloud Logging (Stackdriver), Sentry, etc.);
  • Experience with relational DBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, etc.);
  • Cloud computing (AWS, GCP);
  • Understanding the containerization concepts (Docker ecosystem). Experience with container orchestration systems, Kubernetes (GKE, EKS, ECS);
  • Excellent written communication and the ability to communicate verbally with the customer (English);
  • A bachelor’s degree (or equivalent work experience).

DevOps skills

  • Configuration management (Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Salt, etc.);
  • Cloud configuration, IaaC (Terraform, CloudFormation, etc.);
  • Continuous Integration/Delivery (CircleCI, Jenkins, Bitbucket Pipelines, etc.).
  • Experience with Helm, writing helm charts.

Bonus skills

  • Practice experience with second public cloud platform (MS Azure Cloud);
  • NoSQL DB knowledge (Redis, Memcached, DynamoDB, Datastore, etc.);
  • Understanding of Distributed Systems concepts, High Availability, vertical and horizontal scalability;
  • Multi-cloud systems architecture experience.


  • Define and support CI/CD pipelines;
  • Automation of infrastructure provisioning and maintenance;
  • Monitoring and logging implementation;
  • MCooperation with the development team;
  • Production environments support and troubleshooting;
  • 24/7 on call support;

Compensation and Benefits

Star offers a competitive and rewarding salary and benefits package as well as an intellectually and creatively stimulating work environment. You will find professional flexibility, new ways of working and unique international travel opportunities.

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