The Company

Star is a global consultancy that connects strategy, design, engineering and marketing services into a seamless workflow devised to support our clients every step of the way – no matter how long or complex their journey. We anchor everything we do in clear and compelling endgames, which in turn enable our strategists, designers and engineers to create useful, scalable products and solutions. We are 750 strategists, designers, engineers and marketers in 12 locations around the world, and we are here to make every great idea, every great person and every great company shine. That is why we’re called Star.

The Opportunity

We’re seeking a UI/UX Designer/Developer with a talent for creating intuitive and visually appealing designs – somebody who can produce simple, yet highly engaging experiences tailored to address business objectives as well as user needs.

The Person

  • Understand, apply and promote our design-thinking process
  • Run user experience research activities to access user needs, target audience, usage scenarios, and context of use
  • Compile user study reports with an introduction, executive summary, study findings, and future steps
  • Understand the client’s business model and placement of the created product within it
  • Evaluate the existing solution (or idea) for usefulness, effectiveness and error-proofness
  • Generate solutions for business needs, and communicate the pros and cons for each
  • Benchmark ideas against industry best practices in a given context
  • Choose appropriate tools to create and present design solutions
  • Introduce the target audience to the development team; help to imagine the scenario of the product, as used by the audience; and identify what special needs or expectations can arise that differentiate it from how developers would use it
  • Create IA, user flows
  • Understand the UX philosophy for the most popular platforms (web, mobile, IOT, etc.)
  • Understand how to enhance the user experience with and without access to end-users
  • Understand how the design solution influences overall application consistency
  • Passion for pixel-perfect interface design, with approximately five years of experience in the field

Soft Skills

  • Plan own tasks while considering collaboration with team
  • Search for additional info and feedback within the project team
  • Support written and verbal communication in order to plan further work, explain and document ideas, and secure feedback
  • Present work results in a form of structured documents and according to agreed deliverables
  • Flexibility, open-mindedness, ability, and desire to learn
  • Excellent spoken and written English


  • Tailor design processes by applying the right methodologies at the right time
  • Proactively handle ambiguity, stay open-minded, willing to learn and ready to improvise
  • Control project timelines and manage expectations with the client
  • Apply wide-ranging design methods from research and ideation to hands-on design implementation
  • Facilitate output-orientated workshops with clients and team members
  • Be comfortable in a team-based environment locally and globally

Compensation and Benefits

Star offers as well as a very competitive salary and benefits package, an intellectually and creatively stimulating work environment, flexible working hours, and unique International travel opportunities.