Smaato is the leading global real-time mobile advertising platform, connecting 10,000+ advertisers – including 91 of the Top 100 Ad Age brands – with over 90,000 app developers and mobile web publishers. Smaato had a Software Development Kit (SDK), which supported both iOS and Android platforms. However, the SDK did not allow them to scale as quickly as they needed to in order to expand their market share. The platform lacked the agility necessary for Smaato to quickly roll out new functionality and features. Thus, they needed a new platform that would enable them to adapt more quickly to changing customer needs.

  • Assisted with the development of next-generation SDK for release to 600-800 million mobile devices globally
  • Developed an implementation framework for end-to-end automation testing
  • Designed a modular architecture to allow for easy scalability and maintenance

The idea

Smaato wanted to create a next-generation, market-leading SDK product to be used by tens of thousands of publishers. The new SDK should be a one-stop-shop for everything related to in-app advertising. It should be the preferred entry point for app publishers and give them all the mobile monetisation possibilities available via Smaato.


Star had to design and create a modular architecture for a mobile SDK for both iOS and Android platforms. The SDK needed to be easy to scale and maintain. Star was also tasked with creating a test framework that would allow for the creation of automated end-to-end tests.

Star designed a modular architecture where each module, and each component of the module, is independent. This enables easy scalability and maintainability. We also developed an implementation process that would guarantee a high-quality, robust product. With this extensive integration and automation testing framework, Smaato is now able to develop features, fix issues quickly and at scale, thus avoiding the liabilities of manual testing and bug fixing. They can guarantee the quality and reliability of their product.


“We found the joint development work between Star and our own in-house development teams to be diligent, cooperative, open and communicative. We can fully recommend Star to anyone interested in a top-quality team for any software project – whether that be Mobile, Ad-tech, or other related industries.”

Freddy Friedman, CPO

“Star has been a true partner for us as we created Android and iOS SDKs for the mobile AdTech industry. We were very pleased with the professionalism, quality and experience provided by the Star team. Together we shaped improvements to our practices, thereby reinforcing our ability to build and deliver high-quality software.”

Nico Bresler, VP Engineering & Marc Hehmeyer, VP Mobile Development

Project Scope

Service Lines

Architecture design & development
Software engineering
Quality assurance
Project management


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