Star Design.
Global Craftspeople

We connect creativity and empathy with technology to co-create inspiring user-driven experiences.

We're a global team
of product creators

Designing experiences that ignite hearts.

Team of strategists

Define, evaluate and refine disruptive strategies, optimize business models and accelerate growth.

Delivery center network

Prototype, launch and scale your concepts with speed and precision to reach the market in weeks, not months.

Design studios

Visualize ideas and create immersive, human-centered experiences that wow the end user.

Industry experts

Harness deep subject matter expertise and cross-industry experience to provide the depth needed for your vision to shine.

Your one partner in designing products that delight endusers and create value


Design Research

Understand the underlying and sometimes unarticulated desires, needs and challenges of end users to determine human-centered solutions that integrate seamlessly into people's lives or workflows.

Design Strategy

Find the equilibrium between what's valuable and what’s profitable for your business to discover the best approach to product development.


Develop a deeper connection, unite your audience and drive stronger, more enduring relationships.

Digital Design

Identify opportunities, map out the information architecture, define the look and feel of your future products and iterate the best possible solution in close exchange with users and stakeholders.

Industrial Design

Ideate and develop creative concepts and specifications of manufactured products for optimal value, function, appearance and usability through user-centric design solutions.

Service Design

Explore, plan and orchestrate all touchpoints between a brand and its customers. Focus on user needs, ensure consistency and create environmentally-conscious innovation.

Why we are different

At Star, we’re all about co-creation. From ideation through
launch, we work with our customers every step of the way.

Empathy, curiosity & human-centered approach

We apply a human-centered approach to innovation and develop products that generate a positive impact.

Our benefits

  • Deliver tangible results through cross-cultural methodologies and a holistic design thinking approach
  • Harness the latest technologies and create seamless experiences that are a joy to use
  • Continuously build, test and learn to constantly iterate and refine concepts and ideas
  • Enter the unknown with an open visor and work proactively from strategic product definition to market readiness
  • Co-create with clients and partners and involve them throughout the development process
( Desktop ) We are Star − We liberate better-min
STAR Value
We liberate better versions of ideas, companies and people.

( Desktop ) We are Star − Juha Christensen-min
Juha Christensen

“We believe every great person, idea and company deserves to shine. That's why we're called Star.”

STAR Value
Being truly global

We're respectfully local, we celebrate differences and are insatiably curious.

( Desktop ) We are Star − Be Bold-min
STAR Value
Being bold

We stand out from the crowd and do things in unexpected ways.

( Desktop ) We are Star − Be Useful-min
STAR Value
Being useful

We create relevant products that solve an actual need for real people.

( Desktop ) We are Star − Be Yourself-min
STAR Value
Being ourselves

We like you just the way you are.

STAR Value
Being optimistic

We cultivate positivity and always see the glass half full.

Desktop-We-are-Star-−-Be-Clear-min-1 (1)
STAR Value
Being clear

We set clear expectations and don't hide our intentions.

Desktop-We-are-Star-−-Be-Kind-min-1 (1)
STAR Value
Being kind

We're all about going the extra mile, for each other, for our clients and for their customers.

Service Units

Star Strategy, Star Design, Star Engineering


HealthTech, Automotive & Mobility and more

Star Spaces

America, Europe, Asia


career opportunities

Explore opportunities

Research, Digital, Industrial and more


Web & Mobile, Embedded & Hardware and more

Work at Star

We promise you the adventure of a lifetime!

“Empathy is the key to the product creation and the result is based on how far you can go with it.”
( Desktop ) Benefits − Marina-min

Clémentine Alexandre,Principal Product Designer

“I think it’s a misconception that change is always a revolution. There’re so many ways to build on what you already have.”
( Desktop ) Benefits − Olia-min

Olia Dehtiarova,Head of Product Management

“Endgame is understanding why you want to build products, for whom and what problems are going to be solved. It’s about acting and thinking through the customer's pains and gains.”
Oleg Lebedyn

Oleg Lebedyn,Head of Solutions Architecture

“To gain client's trust, it's essential to communicate your expertise — and do it in the right way and on time.”
( Desktop ) Benefits − Loreena-min

Loreena Bao,Executive Director, China

  • Unleash your greatness

    We motivate and inspire our crew members to constantly learn and grow.

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    Unleash your greatness

    Variety of knowledge sharing, training and self-development opportunities - Star Web University, Star Expert and Employee Recognition Programs.

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  • Thrive at Star

    We foster a healthy and productive work environment.

    Thrive at Star

    Amazing Star Spaces, flexible working hours, unique travel opportunities, financial security and health packages.

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Design Experts

  • ( Desktop ) Design Experts − Manuel Gattinger-min

    Manuel Gattinger

    Head of Design, Germany

  • ( Desktop ) Design Experts − Tobias Skuhra-min

    Tobias Skuhra

    Design Director

  • ( Desktop ) Design Experts − Alexander Debkaliuk-min

    Alexander Debkaliuk

    Head of Design, Ukraine

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    your big ideas?
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  • ( Desktop ) Design Experts − Agnieszka Billewicz-min

    Agnieszka Billewicz

    Design Director

  • ( Desktop ) Design Experts − Alexander Marcevoi-min

    Alexander Marcevoi

    Director, Enterprise User Experience

North America, Big

We are truly global.
Explore our locations around the world.

North America, Big

Star is a global team of product creators. We connect strategy, design and engineering services into a seamless workflow devised to build solutions with the right focus on impact, scalability, performance and prudence.

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