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When it comes to FinTech, trust is everything! That's why our mission is to build trust across B2B and B2C audiences to create frictionless and value-driven digital experiences within the financial services ecosystem. 

Our team is obsessively user-centric and takes pride in delivering seamless digital finance solutions that are desirable, viable and scalable for your business.

Combining best-in-class design execution and data-driven product development with design-thinking methodologies, we're reshaping the way people experience FinTech!

Harness Star's FinTech and Digital Finance capabilities:

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Design-led strategy powered by deep FinTech expertise

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Experience co-creation & journey mapping

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Digital finance service design, prototyping & validation

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Multi-touchpoint UX & UI design

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Product engineering & financial ecosystem integration

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Data-driven experiences & analytics

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Tap into our
cross-sector expertise
to enhance your offering

Leverage our cross-sector experience to ignite your FinTech innovation

Your end-users will measure your digital experience against the others they trust every day. At Star, we blend the latest technologies, skills and deep industry expertise with the acumen gained from our diverse project history to create frictionless and even joyful FinTech experiences that get the loyalty and trust they deserve.

Prototype and validate to build market confidence before you launch

See how you could rapidly move from theory to action while validating your experience concept through rapid prototyping, iteration and evaluation.

Set your expectations sky-high from our design-led and sustainability-driven innovation work with Lufthansa…

Use emotionally savvy AI to bridge the physical and digital experience

Imagine if financial AI reassured people with practical assistance, delivered in a very human, personalized way.

Get inspired by our collaboration with Nomi and the world’s first in-car AI companion — NIO.

Ideate and execute integrated hardware/ software solutions

What if we helped you co-create an integrated and comprehensive solution that boosts revenue, improves customer service and enhances brand recognition all in a highly secure and compliant user-centric environment?

See more from our award-winning end-to-end partnership with ZEISS to deliver VISU360.

Transform your vision into innovation with
Star’s dedicated FinTech services

  • Digital Finance Experience

    Transform customer journeys into a seamless and unified experience. Create integration across products, understand user needs and provide FinTech solutions that people love.

    Digital finance solutions R6apmbapm
    Digital Finance Experience

    We explicitly take a user-first approach with an intense focus on their needs and what engages them. Using a design thinking-based approach, we empathize with users, identify opportunities and rapidly prototype to get the right product to market fast through innovative technologies, integrating KYC, KYB, SME Financial systems and partnerships with ecosystem leaders.

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  • FinTech Blockchain Applications

    Outsmart finance industry evolution through accountancy, instant payments, smart contracts, share trading, syndicated lending and the latest blockchain applications.

    Digital finance solutions R6cpmbapm
    FinTech Blockchain Applications

    We build and develop relevant and viable blockchain fueled products, harnessing Distributed Ledger Technology (DTL), Digital ID, Know your customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML), and additional - products integration.

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Meet Star's Digital Finance & FinTech experts

We offer decades of traditional and digital finance expertise. Connect with our diverse team of Digital Finance & FinTech experts to learn more.

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    Jawad Bhatti

    Managing Director,
    Digital Financial Services

  • Digital finance solutions Ranobapm

    Olivier Bessi

    Product Director

  • Digital finance solutions Ravobapm

    Jean Paris

    Head of Strategy

  • Digital finance solutions Rb7obapm

    Shalika Hanum

    UX designer

  • Digital finance solutions Rbfobapm

    Fabian Vandenreydt

    Star Advisor

  • Digital finance solutions Rbnobapm

    Andreas Katsavos

    Director of Technology

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Star is a global team of product creators. We connect strategy, design and engineering services into a seamless workflow devised to build solutions with the right focus on impact, scalability, performance and prudence.

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