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Bespoke impactful digital solutions that enable engagement, catalyze conversion and drive delight.

Our approach

At Star, we partner end to end from discovery through development, deploying a fused capability model to enable intuitive, resilient and category-defining solutions.

We create powerful AdTech and MarTech solutions designed to both stand alone and integrate into larger platform ambitions and digital transformation journeys.

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Our Platform team blends new product development, integration and simplification to connect and deploy engagement-driven multi-product or high-load AdTech & MarTech within global platforms.

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Our AdTech team crafts best-in-class products that enable agencies, brands, publishers, and platform providers to target, deliver and measure data with pace and flexibility.

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Our MarTech team specializes in developing and integrating unique solutions that enable better data collection, analysis and automation to foster meaningful relationships between customers and brands.

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& MarTech services

We put the end-user at the core of everything we do — whether that's new product development, audience engagement, platform integration or data insight.

  • Discovery & Foresight

    Explore the market of the future, refine your strategic ambitions & shape your tactical plan of action.

    AdTech & MarTech - Discovery & Foresight
    Discovery & Foresight

    • Customer & Product of the Future
    • Opportunity insights & prioritization
    • Service design & operating model review
    • Acquisition & monetization strategy
    • Product diligence & competitor insights
    • Future state architecture & data strategy
    • User Experience & hypothesis validation

  • Bespoke AdTech &
    MarTech Solutions

    Develop category-defining AdTech and MarTech solutions to find, convert and delight your audiences.

    Bespoke AdTech MarTech Solutions
    Bespoke AdTech &
    MarTech Solutions

    • Programmatic Ecosystems
    • Media Planning Platforms
    • Ad Performance insights & analytics
    • Creatives Management
    • Private Marketplaces
    • CRM enablement
    • Data visualisation
    • Partner Integrations

Industry Experts

  • Expert Card-10

    George Bell

    Managing Director,
    AdTech & MarTech

  • Expert Card-9

    Konstantin Burkovtsev

    Product Manager,
    Adtech & Martech

  • Expert Card-8

    Olia Dehtiarova

    Deputy Head
    of Product Management

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  • Expert Card-7

    Wiktor Kowalczuk

    Programme Lead

  • Expert Card-6

    Sergii Shvets

    programme lead

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Star is a global team of product creators. We connect strategy, design and engineering services into a seamless workflow devised to build solutions with the right focus on impact, scalability, performance and prudence.

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