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Inspiring trust in digital
finance experiences

While FinTech adoption is skyrocketing, the greatest technology in the world is nothing without a well-designed experience. A well-designed experience is nothing unless people trust it.

Our digital finance team has put together what you need to act now to create user-centered experiences that drive enduring trust in your products and brand.

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What you’ll gain from this report

See how we think at Star! Whether you’re a new entrant or legacy provider, we reveal strategies to help you thrive in the ecosystem, including: 

  • Insights from leading brands like Mastercard, Yapily and Star.
  • Identifying trust gaps and how to bridge them. 
  • Building trust pillars to form a solid foundation for your FinTech products.
  • Explore learnings from cross-sector leaders in UX.
  • What PWM can teach everybody in digital finance.

Ultimately, it’s time to start moving beyond trust as an issue and look toward the future.

Our design experts have included visionary concepts of how trustworthy, cross-sector influences can drive us to envision new ways of embedding trust into FinTech experiences. 

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About Star

Star is a global technology company that connects strategy, design and engineering services and helps companies accelerate product innovation. We support our customers every step of the co-creation journey — from ideation and concept crafting to full-stack development and putting solutions into the hands and minds of end-users. 

Discover more about our Digital finance capabilities and see our team in action in this case study about our partnership with Expensify

We developed a secure new database structure that ensured compliant integration between Expensify’s platform and users’ bank accounts, enabled app and platform compliance with IRS eReceipts standards and more. 

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