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Join us as we discuss how cutting-edge technologies are changing the world around us.

Shine: a podcast by Star_Episode 2.20

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Join Star CTO Sergii Gorpynich as he unravels the AI Buy vs. Build dilemma.


Shine spotlights cutting-edge technologies and the impact of these technologies on our world through discussions between Star Experts and thought leaders within Star’s priority industries.

Shine: a podcast by Star, Ep. 2.20
Ep. 2.20
Solving the AI Buy or Build dilemma for tech leaders

Join Star CTO Sergii Gorpynich as he unravels the AI Buy vs. Build dilemma.

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Shine: a podcast by Star, Ep. 2.19
Ep. 2.19
Why you need to prepare for the EU AI Act now: Key insights

Delve into the EU AI Act, exploring its categories, compliance requirements, and impact on businesses worldwide.

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3d HMI podcast card cover
Ep. 2.18
Why driving growth with 3D HMI requires balancing innovation, leadership and customer obsession

Enhance user experience, improve functionality and safety, and differentiate your brand as a digital leader. Dive into 3D HMI in this episode of Shine.

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Our guests

  • Joakim Heyden
    Lynk&Co Design
    Joakim Heyden

    UX Chief Designer and Deputy Head of HMI at Lynk&Co Design

  • Wendy Johansson
    MiSalud Health Logo
    Wendy Johansson

    Co-Founder & Chief Product Experience Officer at MiSalud Health

  • Nida Sahra
    Nida Sahra

    Senior Growth Product Manager at Atlassian

  • Denis Dobre
    Denis Dobre

    Design Lead at Autoliv


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Star Experts

  • Oleg Lebedyn

    Oleg Lebedyn

    Head of Architecture

    Oleg has been with Star and in the software consultancy business for more than 12 years and holds a degree in applied cryptology. Having worked with OEMs, Tier 1s and automotive startups for the past five years, Oleg is currently leading Star's solution architecture team. He helps clients to shape their vision and deliver the software that fits their business needs.

  • Agnieszka Billewicz

    Agnieszka Billewicz

    Design Director

    An award-winning interaction designer with a knack for analytic thinking and passion for emerging technologies, Agnieszka works with Star's global partners designing medical equipment, car HMI's, voice interfaces, augmented reality experiences and is a published researcher.

  • Tobias Skuhra

    Tobias Skuhra

    Design Director

    Product Design Lead at Star Munich, Tobias is an award-winning multidisciplinary designer with more than ten years of experience in various design fields, including Industrial- and Service-Design, User Research, User Experience and Life Sciences.

  • Christopher Scales

    Christopher Scales

    Director of Strategy & Insight

    Christopher works primarily with the HealthTech Practice to define human-centered digital strategies designed to improve engagement and deliver better health outcomes. In addition to his healthcare design experience, he has also successfully brought to market consumer electronics, automotive and heavy industry products and solutions.

  • Alexandr Debkaliuk

    Alexander Debkailuk

    Head of Design, Ukraine

    Alex applies his 15+ years of UX Design experience to help teams conceptualize and build great products for household name brands, enterprises, and startups around the world. Using design methodologies and cross-domain expertise, he facilitates digital transformation and innovation. 

  • Artem Yakovenko

    Artem Yakovenko

    Product Manager

    For a decade, Artem has supported Star’s clients from idea elaboration and user research to release and ongoing support. He fosters collaboration between the customer, internal and external development teams and acts as a voice of users. His background includes quality assurance and information security.

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