Star Strategy.
Innovation Advisors

We create superior solutions and impressive commercial returns for our clients through industry expertise and compelling endgames.

We're a global team
of product creators

Сrafting bold market strategies.

Team of strategists

Define, evaluate and refine disruptive strategies, optimize business models and accelerate growth.

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Delivery center network

Prototype, launch and scale your concepts with speed and precision to reach the market in weeks, not months.

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Design studios

Visualize ideas and create immersive, human-centered experiences that wow the end user.

Industry experts

Harness deep subject matter expertise and cross-industry experience to provide the depth needed for your vision to shine.

Your one partner in shaping business strategies and achieving truly transformational growth


Trends & Insights

Analyze the ecosystem through user research, stakeholder interviews and insights into sustained value growth.

Opportunity Exploration

Identify opportunities, establish decision criteria and evaluate the best course of action to map the best approach for your goals.

Experience Design

Create a digital interface, map out user journeys, sketch and whiteboard ideas and high fidelity wireframes to set the foundation for your products.

Roadmap Development

Understand challenges, set objectives, assess capabilities, formulate initiatives and move forward through user journey maps, storytelling, opportunity sizing and market insights.

Strategy Validation

Ensure your strategy is the right one for business sustainability by testing objectives, capabilities, challenges and approaches.

New Ventures

Develop new business units, partnerships and enterprises that leverage your competitive advantage and are primed to scale.

Why we are different

At Star, we’re all about co-creation. From ideation through
launch, we work with our customers every step of the way.

Clear & bold endgames

We take ownership and anchor every decision to the ultimate goal.

Our benefits

  • Scale our tailor-made approach to innovation for success in the digital ecosystem
  • Craft products that resonate with your audience and expand your impact
  • Harness end-to-end product development across every business dimension and geography
  • Match your ambition and operational reality
  • Execute your ideas at scale with Star Design, Engineering teams and delivery center network.
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star value
We liberate better versions of ideas, companies and people.
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Juha Christensen

“We believe every great person, idea and company deserves to shine. That's why we're called Star.”

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star value
Being truly global

We're respectfully local, we celebrate differences and are insatiably curious.

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star value
Being bold

We stand out from the crowd and do things in unexpected ways.

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star value
Being useful

We create relevant products that solve an actual need for real people.

( Desktop ) We are Star − Be Yourself-min
star value
Being ourselves

We like you just the way you are.

( Desktop ) We are Star − Be Optimistic-min
star value
Being optimistic

We cultivate positivity and always see the glass half full.

( Desktop ) We are Star − Be Clear-min
star value
Being clear

We set clear expectations and don't hide our intentions.

( Desktop ) We are Star − Be Kind-min
star value
Being kind

We're all about going the extra mile, for each other, for our clients and for their customers.

Service Units

Star Strategy, Star Design, Star Engineering


HealthTech, Automotive & Mobility and more

Star Spaces

America, Europe, Asia


career opportunities

Explore opportunities

Research, Digital, Industrial and more


Web & Mobile, Embedded & Hardware and more

Work at Star

We promise you the adventure of a lifetime!

“I think it’s a misconception that change is always a revolution.
There’re so many ways to build on what you already have.”
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Olia Dehtiarova,Head of Product Management

“Endgame is understanding why you want to build products, for whom and what problems are going to be solved.  It’s about acting and thinking through the customer's pains and gains.”
Oleg Lebedyn

Oleg Lebedyn,Head of Solutions Architecture

"To gain clients' trust, it's essential to communicate your expertise — and do it in the right way and on time."
( Desktop ) Benefits − Loreena-min

Loreena Bao,Executive Director, China

“Empathy is the key to the product creation and the result is based on how far you can go with it.”
( Desktop ) Benefits − Marina-min

Clémentine Alexandre,Principal Product Designer

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    We foster a healthy and productive work environment.

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Strategy Experts

  • Christopher Scales

    Christopher Scales

    Director, Strategy & Insight

  • Agnieszka Billewicz


    Design Director

  • Olha Dehtiarova

    Olia Dehtiarova

    Head of Product Management

  • Ready to discuss
    your big ideas?
    Contact us now
  • Jana-Kapitz

    Jana Kapitz

    Design Director, Germany

  • Antonina_Burlachenko

    Antonina Burlachenko

    Head of Quality of Regulatory Consulting, HealthTech

North America, Big

We are truly global.
Explore our locations around the world.

North America, Big

Star is a global technology consulting firm that seamlessly integrates strategy, design and engineering as an end-to-end partner on its clients’ digital journeys. Star’s unique approach helps rapidly expanding startups and established enterprises reach their endgames while prioritizing empathy for the end-users, society, and the planet.

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