Future (re)imaged

Star's future-gazing framework envisages four separate scenarios shaped by the interplay of technology, society and business, exploring trends and innovation that may emerge in each.

Create tomorrow, today

Step into the future with 10Forward by Star, a report that breaks traditional boundaries and explores scenarios where technology, society, and the environment converge, offering a multitude of possibilities and challenges across healthcare, automotive, and finance sectors.

Say goodbye to generic predictions. 10Forward invites you on a personalized journey, guiding you through an interactive quiz to discover which world fits your vision – Neotropia, Wastelandia, Ecolysium, or Bloomfield. Each world is a vivid representation of potential futures, shaped by the dynamic interplay of innovation and prosperity.

Unlike conventional forecasts, we don't just scratch the surface. Our multidimensional approach delves into the intricate web of market dynamics and external influences, tailored to your operational reality.

Preparedness instead of predictions

Our report serves as a gateway to a spectrum of future possibilities, each shaped by the interplay of technological advancements, societal shifts, environmental factors, and the pivotal role of business within our communities.

Strategic foresight

We don't want to simply trace the currents of change; we aim to equip you with the insights necessary to steer decisively through them.

Technology as a force for good

The endgame of 10Forward is to ensure that technology serves as a positive force while actively supporting like-minded businesses to create a better and more prosperous future for everyone.

Actionable value

We offer practical insights from Star experts and industry leaders, along with actionable steps to help you pivot and adapt for the future. Our expertise lies in forging pathways that bridge the gap between today’s ambitions and tomorrow’s realities.

Dive into our future scenarios, take a quiz and get actionable insights

Step into 10Forward

About the project

Leveraging the expertise of our seasoned industry professionals, our aim was to construct an insightful knowledge base grounded in meticulously crafted future scenarios that anticipate the potential of what lies ahead. This endeavor was driven by a diverse, cross-functional team from Munich, London, Copenhagen, Kyiv, and Wroclaw Star Spaces, united in their commitment to deliver unique value to our peers in the tech industry and to develop a trend report that breaks new ground.

Our approach to this report was meticulously crafted, drawing on a series of ideation workshops with industry leaders, facilitated brainstorming sessions with expert groups, and rigorous comparative analyses further refined through user and market research. We delved deep into understanding consumer behavior and identified key business needs, uncovering demographic, economic, and statistical insights about specific industries. Additionally, we conducted interviews with external experts to shape our hypotheses, seamlessly integrating additional insights into our findings.

Our project team, now exceeding 20 members, spans a spectrum of roles, including research specialists, project managers, industry strategists, designers, and engineers. Each contributes their distinct expertise, fostering a synergy that has yielded a comprehensive and multifaceted solution. This environment serves not only our external audience but also adds significant value to our internal projects.

Get in touch with our Experts

  • Christopher

    Chris Scales

    Director, Strategy & Insight

  • Andrew Fellows

    Andrew Fellows

    Global Head of Automotive & Mobility

  • Valeria Balaro

    Valeria Balaro

    VP of Marketing

  • Henning Holter

    Henning Holter

    Business Development Director

  • Julia Poluliakh

    Julia Poluliakh

    HEAD OF MARKETING, Automotive & Mobility

  • Alexander Debkaliuk

    Alexander Debkaliuk

    Head of Design, Ukraine

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