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Transforming a public transit system


Conduent Transportation is a leading provider of automated and analytics-based transportation solutions for government agencies. These solutions, spanning road usage charging, parking and curbside management, and advanced transit and public safety systems, enable streamlined and personalized services for citizens and travelers who use them. The company has been helping transportation clients for more than 50 years and operates in 27 countries.

  • Created a new “smart” system for riders on one of the largest public transportation networks in the US. The system offers riders:
    • a seamless travel experience, 
    • an accurate payment history  
    • and fast, secure purchasing options. 
  • Transit authorities can manage all services through a single portal.
  • The intuitive navigation helped reduce help desk calls by 73%.

The idea

Conduent Transportation had to design a new, “smart” payment technology system to run on a public transportation network on a specific region in the United States. The system would allow riders to use the same travel smartcard, bank card or e-wallet with all forms of public transportation on the system (bus, trolley, subway, regional rail, etc.) or on any combination of these services. Riders must also be able to use the smart payment method in parking facilities. Conduent Transportation needed to revitalize the existing transportation service’s website, which was described by riders as confusing and difficult to navigate. The updated website must support a wide range of new features and provide end-users with a more personalized user experience.  

digital payment solution


Conduent Transportation turned to Star for help in digitally transforming the public transportation network. We started the project with a strategy workshop, where we asked ourselves 2 questions: 

  • How can we create an intuitive experience so those unfamiliar with the network will easily decipher how to plan a safe trip? 
  • How to design a cashless system for the entire city? 

We then set to work mapping the full rider journey. We designed and developed an ADA/PCI compliant front-end that supports tablets and smartphones. The new portal houses end-user transit information in one central location, in a context-based manner that reflects the user’s profile and intentions. 

End-users praised the new website, describing it as “fast” and “user-friendly”, with “everything you need to know right there when you log in”. Thanks to the intuitive new interface and user flow, the public transportation authority has received no complaints. Since the launch of this interactive system, the help desk has experienced a significant reduction in calls, reducing overall maintenance and operating costs. 

Finally, the simplified fare online purchasing options, including contactless and keycard payments, help mitigate risks associated with payment card security and cash handling. The public transportation authority also benefits from having access to accurate data that it can use to make more informed decisions and reduce operating costs.

Project scope

  • Process Excellence
  • Product and Requirements Management
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Software Architecture and Development
  • UX Design
  • Security Standards