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Getting back to work
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One Concern is a Resilience-as-a-Service solution that brings disaster science together with machine learning for better decision making. With operations in the US and Japan, the company quantifies resilience from catastrophic perils, empowering leaders to measure, mitigate, and monetize risk so disasters aren’t so disastrous.

  • Launched live free beta of the COVID Calculator within eight weeks to help business leaders assess ‘return to work’ and ‘return to facilities’ risk for their employees 
  • 2022 UX Design Award finalist
  • Tested and received positive market reaction proving this to be a product worth developing further
  • Prompted companies to start a relationship with One Concern and their larger Resilience platform based on their experience with COVID Calculator
  • Ongoing development and collaboration with One Concern 

The idea

One Concern wanted to help companies return to work while minimizing the risk of COVID-19 spread and infection. The company’s idea was an easy-to-use COVID Calculator in which companies enter simple details like their number of employees and type of building (e.g. factory or office). 

From here, the calculator crunches the numbers and provides risk assessment scenarios to help business leaders decide when and if it will be safe to start encouraging employees back to their place of work. While One Concern created the core of the idea, they turned to us to help them make that vision into a reality. And in the middle of the pandemic, they needed to do it ASAP! 

one concern covid risk calculator


The question of returning to work is not an easy one to make. So much is at stake including safety, productivity, liability and the cost of not being open. Decision-makers must weigh these concerns all in the constant state of the COVID-driven flux of rising and declining case numbers. 

Time was of the essence. Fortunately, One Concern had a strong idea for what they were looking for, and so did we. Our mutual lived pandemic experience enabled us to co-create and move from ideation to design rapidly. 

We got started on the underlying framework and data visualization that form the backbone of the tool. However, through every step, we also deeply focused on user experience to ensure the COVID Calculator wasn’t just accurate and useful but something business leaders could easily use.


Ojas Rege, Chief Product Officer at One Concern
Ojas Rege
Chief Product Officer at One Concern

"We chose to work with Star because of my positive experience working with them at my prior job. Star feels like they’re part of our team, and we rely on them as if they were our own employees. I am very pleased with Star's creative design, quality engineering, and on-time and on-budget project management.

We’re excited by the enthusiastic response we’re getting with the beta launch of the COVID Calculator and appreciative of Star's partnership in making this possible.”

Project Scope

  • Digital Design
  • Software Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software Operations