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Expensify is a SaaS-based finance system that automates every step of the expense reporting process, from receipt scanning to reimbursement. Currently the #1 expense reporting solution on the US market, Expensify started with a focus on small to mid-sized businesses and today serves over 60,000 companies, reimburses billions of dollars a year, and has customers in 169 countries.

  • Fully-integrated team handling all email parser and screen scraping back-end development
  • Developed a secure new database structure that ensured compliant integration between Expensify’s platform and users’ bank accounts
  • Enabled app and platform compliance with IRS eReceipts standards

The idea

Expensify is well-known for its cutting-edge technology and for being a market leader. They wanted to build a team that would support the scrapers (bank website integrations) and parsers (automated parsing for email receipts, airline tickets, etc.) on a daily basis, develop new integrations and ensure the existing ones worked. Expensify turned to Star for a skilled team capable of plugging into their current architecture and helping develop & maintain these key back-end systems.

Expensify - SaaS-based finance system development
Expensify - fintech app development


Star built a cross-functional engineering team specifically for the task and provided the necessary training for the team to be effective. Our work included creating a brand-new platform and approach for screen scraping and ensuring our work fit seamlessly within Expensify’s highly-secured environment. They needed to roll out new features quickly, so we put 14 dedicated software developers on the case, all working alongside Expensify’s internal teams to support back-end development.

Project Scope


Myna Application Server