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The smart way
to let the sunshine in


VELUX is the world leader in developing high-quality, energy-efficient roof windows and skylights. Since 1942, they have focused on creating better living environments with daylight and fresh air.

  • The new IoT solution enables simple, programmable windows and blinds
  • VELUX customers can easily program remote home-control scenarios for their VELUX products, including letting in sunlight, ventilating, saving energy, and securing their homes

The idea

VELUX wanted to implement smart home solutions into their product portfolio. Their goal was to use their new residential gateway, the KLF 200 home interface platform, to enable remote control for a range of solutions. They turned to Star for our design and web development expertise, and we developed the UI and embedded support for the platform.

ioT for home
IoT development case


Star worked with Velux to design a user-friendly web solution that leverages io-homecontrol® – a secure wireless technology that monitors the home. Our team was responsible for UI/UX design of the web-interface and frontend development.

We also worked closely with VELUX’s in-house engineering team to develop the platform’s backend, where our role was to develop the web interface via WiFi and LAN. To set-up the home-control scenarios, we used a SaaS-based solution on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, which enables secure access for both homeowners and installers.

Project scope

Service Lines

Software engineering
Quality assurance
UI/UX design
Project management
Product management
Software operations

Technology stack

Microsoft Azure