Time-sensitive data analytics in banking and finance

Your customers demand speed, efficiency and mobility. Are you ready to keep up? Ensure critical data is at your fingertips when decisions can't wait.

Capitalize on real-time market movements, not yesterday's insights

Your customers transact, interact and live their financial lives on the go. Each tap, click, call and meeting generates a wealth of data that you can use to build your competitive edge. We are here to help you seize the opportunities while they still matter.

  • Payment data

    Payment data

    • Offer faster and more reliable payment services by learning from real-time payment transactions.
    • Optimize your cash flow management, predicting future cash requirements more accurately with AI-powered analysis of payment data.
  • Customer interaction data

    Customer interaction data

    • Utilize AI to sift through customer service interactions, social media feedback and online banking behaviors, to craft highly personalized banking experiences.
    • Validate products and services against customer needs by analyzing trends in customer interactions and online banking activities.
  • Card transactions

    Card transactions

    • Extract and analyze specific transactional details, such as merchant category codes and purchase frequencies, to fine-tune credit product features and rewards programs.
    • Accelerate processing of the diverse transaction types, from POS purchases to e-commerce checkouts, by modernizing your card payment infrastructure.
  • Operational performance data

    Operational performance data

    • Analyze how quickly customer service inquiries are resolved to gauge the efficiency of support teams and improve customer satisfaction.
    • Monitor the use of personnel and equipment across branches to identify inefficiencies and optimize operational costs.

Put your data goldmine in action by building data platforms and integrated ecosystems

Rely on us to enhance your data governance to industry-leading standards, implement robust and scalable data capture, storage and processing solutions, develop custom dashboards for immediate access to key insights, and utilize AI to unlock complex data sets, paving the way for forward-thinking strategies and informed decision-making.

Dynamic data utilization

Harness the power of live transactional data for on-the-spot decision-making.

High-velocity data processing
High-velocity data processing

Process and report on large volumes of transactional data with unprecedented speed.

unlock insights
Unlock real-time insights

Access immediate understanding of transactional flows to seize opportunities.

Missed opportunity detection

Transform data into a tool to act on fleeting market opportunities as they arise.

Empower your business with data-driven decisions

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Aggregate your data from all kinds of upstream sources to craft innovative banking experiences

Convert high-frequency, multi-dimensional customer data streams into prompt, actionable insights to deliver seamless experiences, boost customer loyalty, and stay competitive.

innovative banking experiences

The future of banking is data-driven, personalized, and mobile-first. Are you ready to lead?

Partner with us to embed AI in your operations, craft strategies for redefined user experiences, and deliver compelling, compliant AI-powered solutions. With our Endgame Thinking, we ensure that every R&D investment advances your market leadership.

  • AI-powered customer experience & KYC
    AI-powered customer experience
    AI-powered customer experience & KYC

    • Streamline the KYC process, making customer onboarding quick and frictionless.
    • Analyze customer data, providing tailored banking experiences and financial advice.
    • Tailor individual product combinations for a specific customer situation, i.e. have "dynamic pricing" per customer and service.
    • Provide instant customer assistance across all digital channels.

  • AI-enhanced personalization
    AI-enhanced personalization
    AI-enhanced personalization

    • Dynamically tailor banking products to evolving market conditions and customer behaviors.
    • Match banking products with customer profiles, ensuring relevance and enhancing uptake.
    • Create sophisticated financial models for product development and risk assessment.
    • Predict the success rate of new banking products and services.

We're experienced FinTech technologists


  • ISO 8583
    ISO 8583


  • G Pay
    G Pay
  • Apple Pay
    Apple Pay
  • Marqeta
  • Episode6
  • Cardinal (3D-Secure)
    Cardinal (3D-Secure)
  • Feature Space
    Feature Space


  • Card tokenization
    Card tokenization


  • Monavate
  • Highnote
  • Onfido

Our clients say...

“Star’s FinTech Builder was exactly what we needed. Their experts anticipated our needs and vastly accelerated our time to market, enabling us to onboard our first customers. Our ongoing partnership has ensured we continue our rapid growth”

Scott Lucas,Co-Founder and CCO at Monavate

“Star took the time to listen to how we worked. They understood our principal goals incredibly quickly and ultimately it meant what they developed didn’t fall short, where other’s software had. The outcome is an initial platform which our team as well as our clients are equally proud of and impressed by. We are very excited about the next stages of development and working with the team at Star again.”

James King,Founder & Director at New Model Venture Capital

“Thank you, Star team, for a very important piece of the Paidy journey — we are very grateful to everyone for your HUGE efforts and tight focus on quick timing. Thank you, everyone, for your dedication to a very successful project.”

Russell Cummer,Founder and Chairman at Paidy

“Star thinks about outcomes and business value – not simply software and product development. Coupled with their technical proficiency, this 'applied' capability makes Star an ideological fit for Moneytree's business approach, and we look forward to finding more ways of working together to reinvent what's possible in Japanese financial services.”

Mark Makdad,Chief of Platform and Founder at Moneytree

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