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Star acquires MedTech experts Pro4People

Let’s grow

Our endgame is to be the world’s leading innovation partner for every step of our clients' digital journey.

We’re looking for ambitious, like-minded companies to become part of Star and realize this vision together.

Meet Star

See how we partner with our clients to co-create meaningful products and solutions.

Who we are

At Star, we connect strategy, insights, design and engineering into a seamless workflow devised to support our clients every step of the way – no matter how long or complex their journey.

We anchor everything we do in clear and compelling endgames, which in turn enable our multidisciplinary teams to create superior solutions and impressive commercial returns for our clients.

Why we evolve
through acquisition

Strategic acquisitions play a critical role in growing, evolving and diversifying our business. And ultimately in reaching our endgame.

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By becoming part of Star, together we can:
  • Execute our strategic priorities and create new opportunities for business expansion and diversification.
  • Strengthen the value proposition we bring to market, ensuring we continue to stand out in an increasingly competitive space.
  • Expand and diversify our service offering to become market leaders in each segment we serve.
  • Create new growth platforms that set us up for continued evolution and building our next multi-million dollar business units.
  • Accelerate our time-to-market and time-to-scale in new domains and markets.

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How you benefit
by joining Star

Being a part of Star is a win for you, your employees and your company as a whole.

Accelerate growth

Accelerate growth

Star is on a fast-paced growth journey. By being a part of Star, your company will benefit from our mature and scalable commercial engine.

Your offering will be injected into our global go-to-market model centered on our core industry practices, allowing you to focus on what you do best. The result will be a massively increased pipeline and portfolio of exciting clients and projects.

Expand reach and impact

Scale reach and impact

Your services will be integrated into our end-to-end offering allowing your team to join even more diverse and multi-disciplinary project teams. 

You will also gain access to new markets and work with new, global clients on complex challenges and projects. And you’ll be able to offer your existing clients even better solutions.


Expand career opportunities

With our proven track record of talent attraction and retention, we will help grow and strengthen your team, offering them new opportunities for personal and professional development.

Leaders in your company will continue to leverage their valuable experience and capabilities within Star to help shape the direction of the combined business. To ensure a smooth integration, we'll work with you to map out opportunities and responsibilities that motivate your team.


Increase equity value

By joining forces with Star, you will become a shareholder in a fast-growing digital innovation consultancy with a rapidly increasing valuation. 

Our strong growth, unique positioning and future liquidity potential provides a significant upside to your Star shares. And by being part of a larger organization, you decrease the inherent operational and financial risks of a smaller business.

Focus areas

Our M&A program is centered on strengthening our industry practices and service lines, as well as entering new markets.


Deep expertise is core to our go-to-market strategy, and we are keen to integrate specialist firms into our industry practices.


  • SaMD & DTx
  • Interoperability
  • Telehealth

  • PayTech
  • Digital Banking
  • InsurTech
& Mobility

  • HMI & Infotainment
  • Mobility Platforms
  • Connected Vehicle


We want to expand and reinforce our current value proposition in digital innovation and product development with like-minded firms.


  • Digital product design
  • Service design
  • Design research

  • Data Science
  • AR/VR/MR
  • Blockchain

  • Digital Strategy
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Venture Building

New markets

We look for businesses that strengthen our geographical presence and give us access to new markets, clients or top-tier talent.


  • China
  • Japan
  • Latin America

  • AdTech & MarTech
  • Industry & Manufacturing
  • Consumer Electronics & IoT
service lines

  • Branding
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Managed Services

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What makes a good fit

Each company we explore an acquisition with has its own unique profile and fit with Star. In addition to the fit with our focus areas, we look at a set of key parameters when assessing companies for a potential acquisition.

Our shared journey

We strive to make the M&A process with Star transparent and efficient. While every discussion has its own timeline, there are some high-level phases we go through together.

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Our M&A experience

Tomasz Puk

Tomasz Puk

Director of Regulatory Consulting and Technology at Star

Star acquires MedTech experts Pro4People

“After 8 years in the MedTech market, we realized that to be a significant player, we needed scale. We viewed M&A as a way to leapfrog several levels of organic growth.

We wanted a like-minded partner who understood our domain and had shared values. Star was a great fit, and it was clear what we could accomplish together.

We’re now working on larger-scale projects with exciting global clients, our team has found new challenges and opportunities within Star, and any concern we had at the outset was addressed and put to rest.”


To provide the right incentives for shareholders of acquired companies to continue their career at Star for many years to come, we structure all of our transactions as majority equity deals. The specific balance between cash and equity will vary from deal to deal and depend on a number of factors. 

We also structure deals on an industry-standard 3-year payout schedule, tied to milestones and/or KPIs that we agree on together.

North America, Big

We are truly global.
Explore our locations around the world.

North America, Big

Star is a global technology consulting firm that seamlessly integrates strategy, design and engineering as an end-to-end partner on its clients’ digital journeys. Star’s unique approach helps rapidly expanding startups and established enterprises reach their endgames while prioritizing empathy for the end-users, society, and the planet.

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