From differences to unity: embracing diversity in every voice

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At Star, our purpose is to make every great person, every great idea and every great company shine. As a company with no headquarters and no single nationality, we believe our strength comes from our diverse workforce. To celebrate this year’s International Women's Day and highlight its theme of ‘Inspiring Inclusion’, we have invited our crew members to share their personal stories, experiences, and thoughts on why inclusion is crucial to business performance and societal progress. The world is far from perfect, and as a global consulting firm, we recognize the important role we play in society. It's incumbent upon us to lead by example and use our insights, influence, and solutions to implement practices that ensure inclusion not just within Star, but also within the industries and communities we operate in.

The words of our Crew members are our call to action, our commitment and our endgame:

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  • Olha Dehtiarova, Head of Product Management, Star Space Kyiv

    Olha Dehtiarova has a 15-year career journey in IT, starting as a Junior Product Manager. With experience in teaching, product management, and leadership, she oversees teams across various organizations. As a certified coach, Olha prioritizes continuous learning in both her professional and personal life. A proud Ukrainian and mother to a 5-year-old, she enjoys travel, nature, and cats, with a genuine interest in people shaping her multifaceted life.

    My female inspiration:
    Meredith Whittaker, President of Signal Foundation, stands out as an incredibly inspiring leader. Known for her work on ethical AI and fair treatment in the workplace, Meredith's initiatives, such as the AI Now Institute and organizing the Google Walkout, showcase her dedication to creating a more inclusive, ethical, and respectful tech industry. Her leadership aims for a future in tech that everyone can look forward to.

  • Martin Fix, Technology Director, Star Space Munich

    Martin Fix, a passionate tech leader with 25 years of experience, studied and worked in Karlsruhe, Dublin, and Munich. Born and raised in Flensburg, he holds a degree in Computer Science from KIT Karlsruhe. Happily married father of two teenagers, Martin is recognized for his open-mindedness, disruptive thinking, and leadership experience.

    My female inspiration:
    Marie Curie's dedication and fearlessness allowed her to achieve remarkable feats in the field of science. Ada Lovelace, ahead of her time by decades, pioneered the development of the first programming language when societal norms still questioned women's capabilities for traditionally male roles. Both women, through their tenacity and vision, broke barriers and left an indelible mark on history.

  • Anastasia Afonina, Delivery Site Manager, Star Space Wroclaw

    Anastasia Afonina brings a decade of experience at Star and boasts a 15-year background in Project Management. Having navigated diverse offices in Kyiv, Ukraine, HCMC, Vietnam, and Wroclaw, Poland, she has woven a tapestry of international experiences. Beyond the world of projects, Anastasia finds joy in her love for reading and the pursuit of learning new languages.

    My female inspiration:
    The woman who serves as a great source of inspiration for me is my grandmother. Balancing a significant job with 40 people under her and raising me simultaneously, she demonstrated incredible strength and dedication. Her ability to manage both work and family with such grace defines, for me, what it means to be a strong woman. It motivates me to strive for excellence every day.

  • Henning Holter, Business Development Director, FinTech, Star Space London

    Henning Holter, a senior fintech executive, brings over 20 years of leadership experience in both start-ups and corporates, specializing in commercializing technology solutions. With an engineering degree from UC Berkeley, he co-founded a successful management consulting firm in Oslo before pursuing an INSEAD MBA in France.

    My female inspiration:
    My wife, Martine Vice-Holter, is my inspiration. From a modest background, she has navigated a successful career operating on three continents, pioneering investment banking in China and becoming a chief executive in the male-dominated shipping industry. Additionally, she actively mentors and serves as a role model for many young professionals, including our children, making her a source of inspiration for her accomplishments and contributions.

  • Keren Joseph-Browning, Chief People Officer, Star Space London

    Keren brings over 25 years of senior HR experience, excelling in change management and international employee relations. Skilled in conflict resolution, she fosters collaboration, contributing to Star's growth. Committed to understanding business needs, Keren forges strategic partnerships, delivering impactful results through effective leadership. 

    My female inspiration:
    Hannah Szenes, a 23-year-old kibbutznik, tragically lost her life during World War II while rescuing fellow Jews from deportation to concentration camps. What distinguishes her is her unwavering commitment to creativity amid unimaginable horror. Despite capture and torture, she found solace in poetry, showcasing an indomitable spirit. Her ability to pursue passion amid war chaos and resilience in adversity profoundly inspires me.

  • Mira Le, Automation QA Engineer, Star Space Ho Chi Minh

    Mira Le has a rich background spanning 12 years in testing.  Her collaborative spirit, coupled with an open-minded and positive mindset, makes her a valuable team player. Mira's career is defined by a constant enthusiasm for exploring new concepts and staying abreast of evolving testing methodologies.

    My female inspiration:
    Emma Watson, a talented actress, has particularly inspired me through her impactful activism and philanthropy, primarily focused on advancing women's rights.  Observing how she leverages her platform to champion meaningful social change has instilled in me a profound sense of admiration for her multifaceted contributions, making a lasting and positive impact on the world.

  • Anna Bilous, Marketing Director, Star Space Wroclaw

    A seasoned marketer with ten years’ experience in advertising, creative agencies, and SaaS businesses, Anna is in her fourth year at Star, where her passion for B2B marketing and technology finds full expression. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, she excels in devising and implementing strategic campaigns that lead to measurable success. For Anna, marketing is about creating products, ideas, and projects that are not just innovative but also personally fulfilling, embodying work she can truly take pride in, all aimed at triggering meaningful shifts in the market.

    My female inspiration:
    The woman who inspires me most is my mom, fostering a culture of education and instilling in me the values of independence, self-respect, and prioritizing my beliefs. Despite residing in a frontline city in Ukraine during the war, her resilience and optimism serve as a beacon.

  • Yajaira Cabrera, Community Manager, Star Space Sunnyvale

    Yajaira enjoys exploring different local coffee shops during her leisure time. Demonstrating a passion for community well-being, Yajaira also actively volunteers at her local community food bank.

    My female inspiration:
    My mother is my inspiration. Despite leaving her country for a better future and facing the challenges of being a single mother, she never gave up. Working tirelessly, she taught me to appreciate the small things and approach life as a challenge, inspiring me to grow without barriers.

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