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At Star, we combine strategy, design and engineering to create meaningful products, loved by our clients and their customers and created by people who care

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Who we are

We champion empathic and passionate craftspeople who make the world a better place with high-caliber ideas and products. Our growing (750+) strong Star Crew takes immense pride in working side by side with the world’s most disruptive “unicorn” startups and iconic global brands.


Star benefits

Holistic wellbeing
  • Flexible working hours
  • Hybrid work policy
  • Personal and professional growth
Physical wellness
  • Health insurance
  • Star Sports Challenge and fitness membership reimbursement
  • Nutrition workshops
Mental wellness
  • Mental health education
  • Mindfulness tools
  • Coaching and psychological mentoring
Financial wellness
  • Rewarding compensation and benefit package
  • Paid professional development
  • Personal finance education

Sounds great?

Professional wellness
  • Leadership development
  • Leadership coaching
  • Career development opportunities
Social wellness
  • Social clubs with top industry experts and fun activities
  • Parental leave, wedding social package, children’s events
  • Virtual events

What we value

Engineering roles worldwide
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Star Value
We liberate better versions of ideas, companies and people.

Star Value
Being useful

We create relevant products that solve an actual need for real people.

Star Value
Being bold

We stand out from the crowd and do things in unexpected ways.

Design roles worldwide
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Project Management roles worldwide
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Star Value
Being ourselves

We like you just the way you are.

Star Value
Being optimistic

We cultivate positivity and always see the glass half full.

Sales & Marketing roles worldwide
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Administrative roles worldwide
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STAR Value
Being truly global

We're respectfully local, we celebrate differences and are insatiably curious.

STAR Value
Being clear

We set clear expectations and don't hide our intensions.

Star Value
Being kind

We're all about going the extra mile, for each other, for our clients and for their customers.

Delivery Operations roles worldwide
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Work at Star

We’ve built a warm and cross-cultural space for creators with high-profile expertise to develop and launch impactful products.

Clémentine Alexandre

Principal Product Designer, Germany
Star tenure: 2 years

What we offer

Equal opportunity

No matter what your role is, which country you're from, whether you work with clients or not – we're all members of the Star Crew.

What we offer

Live and create
worldwide experiences

We work as distributed, global teams tapping into our network of top-line experts. Each project is a new opportunity to connect with, learn from and mentor other Star Crew members in one of our many international locations.

“We deliver a crazy mix of technical expertise, domain knowledge, entrepreneurship mindset, bold and agile thinking."

Sergiy Uskov,Director of Service Delivery, Poland

What we offer

Unleash your potential

We create opportunities for people from all educational and professional backgrounds. Let us help you develop in-demand IT skills by working with the latest technologies.

What we offer

Be treated with
empathy and respect

We want you to shine during your time at Star. To help you do that, we create a warm and supportive environment, where we give you what you need to thrive.

Roshan Chimankar

Technology Director, Japan
Star tenure: 2 years

"If you want to succeed, you
have to co-create and cooperate. By working alongside clients and team, you grow as a professional, work more efficiently and make better decisions."

Angela Shevchuk,Software Engineer, Ukraine

What we offer

Work alongside
true craftspeople

We deliver products that drive human progress and technology innovation. Everything we create is expertly crafted and valued by our clients.

What we offer

Touch people, involve and provoke them

Create products and experiences that capture the minds and hearts of people around the world.