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Johnson Health Tech (JHT) designs, builds and sells state-of-the-art exercise equipment to fitness centers worldwide. Established in 1975, they are the world’s third-largest fitness equipment manufacturer, and one of the fast-growing companies in the industry.

  • Successful development of a high-integrated cross-platform system
  • On-time delivery and successful market rollout
  • Two-time collaboration ensured a quick time-to-market

The idea

JHT wanted to strengthen the synergy between health club trainers and their clients. They set out to build a digital “Personal Trainer Portal” (PTP) that would measure fitness progress. The portal would integrate with their NetPulse One platform, and be accessible via the web, mobile applications and exercise equipment consoles. JHT asked Star to help develop the accompanying applications. We assisted with our engineering, development and quality assurance expertise.

johnson health tech portal - web development
health tech - Johnson case study


Star’s project team worked together with JHT to simultaneously develop the mobile, web and console versions of PTP. The PTP apps we developed are connected to a web-based system that tracks customers’ fitness data, linking it to their private accounts. We worked with the Netpulse team to integrate the PTP user interface with the Netpulse One mobile app. Star introduced a testing tool that simulated different types of training equipment, enabling engineers to conduct quality control checks. We later partnered with JHT again to help them expand the functionality of these applications to meet their customer needs.

Project scope

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