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E-scooters are incredibly popular in Norway and across Scandinavia. Oslo has among the highest penetration of micromobility users (roughly 35% of its population of 700,000), and is a leading model in the region.

Focused on compliance with e-scooter regulations and integration into city-wide transport systems, our client is a dynamic startup bringing together e-scooter providers and users through micromobility solutions that help people intuitively navigate cities safely and sustainably.   

  • Built a comprehensive, cross-platform rider mobile application for iOS and Android and optimized web portal for fleet management and operations
  • Integrated safety kit and features, including automated scooter speed controls in low-speed zones, geo-fencing and comprehensive ride management
  • Fully integrated payment solutions and seamless sign-up process using Vipps 
  • Modular approach to fleet management portal for easy onboarding of new operators and vehicles
  • Streamlined day-to-day operations on web portal, resulting in a lower cost compared to similar market solutions
  • Implemented future-proof, scalable design for a regional and global platform


Micromobility is so much more than getting from Point A to Point B. It’s about sustainability, solving critical challenges and finding future-forward solutions that benefit our urban environments, economies and livability. 

Micromobility solutions are only as effective as the networks they are built on. How do we integrate digital payments and technologies to make seamless journeys? How do we best leverage data to improve the solution and user experience, and help our client be a leader in sustainability?

Needing a robust IoT and ecosystem development partner with expertise in mobility and large-scale deployment, a micromobility company partnered with Star. Their vision was a complete e-scooter micromobility technology and service ecosystem with a simple, intuitive mobile application for riders and rich, scalable back-end web functionality for their team members.

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As a new entrant, our client needed expertise in defining, designing and launching their comprehensive micromobility platform. To help them achieve their ambitious goals, we brought in a cross-functional team of expert mobility technologists.

We started by building a program plan focusing on product definition, roadmap and requirements, software architecture and infrastructure planning, technology stack definition, initial UI/UX design. We interviewed SMEs and prospective users, evaluated current market players, regulations, and user characteristics to uncover challenges and opportunities for brand differentiation. 

With this background and alignment among teams and stakeholders, we developed a cross-platform mobile app, Rapp, for iOS and Android with Flutter. The app includes built-in maps, geo-fencing for no parking, low-speed and Rapp-only zones, a frictionless sign-up process using Vipps, integrated payment solutions and an array of rider and fleet management tools to assist users with locating, paying, unlocking, locking the scooter and parking.

In addition, we’ve been proud to build a future-proof and scalable web application based on learnings from large fleet operations. The user-friendly interface does not require e-scooter operators to have prior experience and enables full control through a single portal. These features distinguish our client from incumbents by providing a one-click onboarding of vehicles and simplify day-to-day operations for more efficient, manageable and cost-effective results compared to other competitors. 

Some of the most popular features have included scooter routing, automatic scooter speed controls in designated low-speed zones, comprehensive user management features and informative safety kits for every stage of the user journey. New riders, in particular, have benefited from the quick and easy onboarding, helping them safely start riding within 10 minutes. 

The finished product has been a standout on the market and provides a fully customizable user experience for large-scale urban mobility. As a result, our client has hit the ground running, quickly establishing itself as a leader in Scandinavia’s micromobility space. 

Project scope

  • Product Management 
  • Project Management
  • Digital Design 
  • Software Architecture 
  • Quality Assurance