ViralGains is the leading provider of video advertising technology. Their platform enables clients to build video ad journeys and create campaign flows that include videos and engagement surveys, as well as tracking, targeting and media plan configuration tools. They help their clients deliver highly engaging, contextually-relevant ads to the right audience.

  • Developed the overall design (look and feel) for the three demo scenarios
  • Delivered a fully-functional proof of concept (POC) with the desired drag-and-drop functionality

The idea

ViralGains wanted to create a unique interactive prototype for their clients in the ad industry. The prototype had to incorporate drag-and-drop functionality to their platform, and enable their customers to build a campaign just by arranging blocks, easily linking them on the digital canvas. ViralGains partnered with Star to leverage our expertise within UI/UX design and software development.


We started by shaping the look and feel of the prototype’s UI and UX. Star then coded according to three demo scenarios: creating a campaign from scratch, from a template, and viewing existing campaigns with data reporting. The tri-screen solution features login, campaign overview and campaign canvas.

Project Scope

Service Lines

Project management
Digital design
Software engineering

Technology stack

React, joint.js