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Video advertising
meets drag‑and‑drop


ViralGains is a video ad journey platform that enables marketers to engage people with relevant brand stories in their preferred venues and contexts. Through real-time buying of online display advertising and down to even one impression at a time, ViralGains drives brand trust, fosters user engagement and reduces wasted impressions.

  • Co-created an improved online advertising experience
  • Developed the overall design (look and feel) for the three demo scenarios
  • Delivered a fully-functional proof of concept (POC) with the desired drag-and-drop functionality
  • Reduced inventory costs by 12‒54% with our bidding-optimized machine and learning models
  • Increased user satisfaction through relevant video ads
  • Accelerated market launch of unique, outcome-driven solutions
  • Enabled real-time buying and selling of online display advertising – one ad impression at a time

The idea

ViralGains partnered with Star to leverage our UI/UX design and software development expertise. They aimed to create a unique, interactive prototype for their clients in the ad industry. It had to incorporate drag-and-drop functionality and enable users to build a campaign by easily arranging blocks to link them on the digital canvas.

UI/UX design and software development for ViralGains  85225
UI/UX design and software development for ViralGains  85228


We leveraged deep expertise in data science and the AdTech & MarTech industry supporting ViralGains from concept through verification and implementation guidelines. And, our collaboration didn’t end with data algorithms, we ran business simulations based on real data.

Star used four programming languages on the project: R, Python, Java, and JavaScript. We investigated a variety of generalized linear models, random forest, XGBoost, and factorization machine.

We shaped the look and feel of the prototype’s UI and UX, coding three demo scenarios, including creating a campaign from scratch and viewing existing campaigns with data reporting. The tri-screen solution POC featured login, campaign overview and campaign canvas, and other features.

Our ML expertise and agile approach helped ViralGains to create a programmatic bidder for online display advertising, optimizing bidding strategies and increasing the conversion rate of adviews for its clients.

Project Scope


  • Project Management
  • Digital Design
  • Data Science
  • Software Engineering