Beyond disruption: Building a sustainable future for your organization

Michael Schreibmann

by Michael Schreibmann

Where will your company be ten years from now? This question is becoming increasingly difficult to answer in today’s fast-changing market dynamics, especially in a time where we are packing decades of transformations into a few years if not months.

Now let me reframe the question – what value and impact do you want to create for your customers and communities you serve in 2034? This shift in focus, from prediction to purpose, is a powerful start pointing to navigating today’s uncertainties and charting the right way forward.

How to navigate change 

We recently launched a trend report called 10Forward, a future-gazing research drawing on the expertise of our internal experts and leading voices in automotive, financial services and healthcare to examine the potential evolution of their industries in the next decade. 

The importance of this project lies deeply in our commitment to our clients to help them be the proactive architects of their future. We understand that you and many other leaders today face unprecedented challenges. The present demands immediate attention, while the future seems increasingly uncertain. Meanwhile, we're witnessing a fundamental shift, not just in technology and innovation, but in the very core of how businesses operate, how consumers behave and how value is created. 

In 10FWD, we detailed four scenarios, each of which embodies an extreme version of our future to bring these fundamental changes to life. Beyond the compelling storytelling and immersive experience of this report are the steps we took to provide you with the tools and mindset to navigate uncertainty and make sound decisions – no matter what tomorrow brings.

  • Understanding the macro environment: The first step involves understanding the dynamics of change. We delve into the interplay of technology, societal shifts, environmental challenges and the pivotal roles of businesses in communities. By grasping the co-existing nature of these forces and identifying overarching trends, you can develop sound hypotheses that lead to effective scenario planning.
  • Understand your operational realities: The most common pitfall in transformation projects isn’t budget constraints, technological hurdles or the pace of change — it's a lack of clear insight into your organization's operational realities – unseen barriers can impede your ability to transform. Understanding the 'now' is an imperative step to planning for the 'next'. In the extended report of 10FWD, we explore consumer behaviors, innovations and solutions that are likely to materialize across the three sectors. This exploration is designed to prompt you to reflect on your operating realities, from competencies to infrastructure to stakeholder relations, in the context of these extreme scenarios, and to assess your adaptability in the face of future challenges.
  • Find your strategic edge with foresight and insight: The third step is operationalizing your understanding of both the macro environment and your operational realities, and I believe this integration of foresight and insights is an essential way to create a strategic edge that is unique and sustainable for your organization.

Trends explored in 10FWD are not speculative discussions, nor should they be seen as isolated events. They emerge from a dynamic ecosystem encompassing market fluctuations, consumer needs and technological advancements. By holistically understanding how these elements interact, you can develop well-founded strategies and engage in meaningful discussions about evolving your future business model, customer experience, organizational capabilities and other critical areas. The culmination of foresight and insight helps you shift from thinking and behaving from incremental gains to long-term planning, ensuring your organization thrives in the years to come.

Final thoughts and key learning

We had the privilege of speaking with leading industry experts in the automotive, financial services, and healthcare sectors for the 10FWD report, some of whom shared their insights at our launch event. While listening back to the interviews our team conducted with them, there is a resounding message beyond their bold ideas and diverse views about the future. It's an urgent need for business leaders to reflect on not only the scale of their ambitions but also on the depth of their organization's impact. I couldn't agree more. 

As a CEO and a father, I'm acutely aware that the decisions I make today will shape the future – a responsibility I bear with pride. I also recognize that I'm part of a community of like-minded leaders, such as you reading this article, all of us united in our desire to drive positive change in society. If 10FWD has sparked even a moment of reflection on how technology can be used as a force for good, then we have indeed made a meaningful impact. As we stand at a critical juncture of the present and future, we must anchor our actions with purpose, ensuring that today's incredible progress doesn’t result in backlash, but rather fosters new possibilities and positive impacts for generations to come.

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Michael Schreibmann
CEO at Star

As Star Co-Founder and CEO, Michael Schreibmann charts Star’s present and future course. He is a seasoned leader within the world of global management and innovation consulting, with over 20 years of experience designing and implementing solutions for early-stage, growth and Fortune-size companies, spanning a multitude of industry and solution domains. Michael’s passion is for seeing great ideas make it into rapidly-scaling, commercially successful ventures.

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