10Forward online event recap: Exploring trends in FinTech, Automotive & Mobility and HealthTech for 2034

Welcome to the recap of our exclusive virtual launch event for 10Forward, developed through Star's proprietary research and insights alongside contributions from both internal and external experts, and presented through four distinct scenarios - Neotropia, Wastelandia, Ecolysium, and Bloomfield. In a time where the pace of change is unprecedented, our 10FWD report serves as a gateway to a spectrum of future possibilities, each shaped by the interplay of technological advancements, societal shifts, environmental factors, and the pivotal role of business within our communities.

10FWD is crafted as a tool for preparation, not prediction.

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During the event, Star had the opportunity to engage in a live conversation with leading voices from Mastercard, Honda, Stellantis, Rock Health Advisory within HealthTech, Automotive & Mobility, and FinTech. From the future of transportation to the evolution of money management and ethical considerations surrounding AI in finance and healthcare, our speakers explored how these trends will redefine industry standards in the years to come.

With 10Forward, you're not just following trends — you're setting them!

FinTech trends session

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  • Evolution of money management

    Our discussion centered on the convergence of digital identities with finance, driven by biometric authentication, tokenization and AI-driven algorithms. Key takeaways included the emergence of personalized financial assistants, offering tailored insights for optimized wealth management. This fusion promises a future of financial autonomy and inclusivity, reshaping sectors beyond traditional banking with embedded finance solutions like digital wallets, paving the way for a cashless society.

  • Finance AI ethical frontier

    We explored the integration of AI into financial services, acknowledging its potential for efficiency gains while highlighting ethical concerns. Key points discussed included the need to balance enhanced fraud detection and automation with data privacy. As AI infiltrates financial systems, addressing biases and cognitive limitations becomes imperative for equitable decision-making. The focus was on proactive measures to ensure AI serves the greater good while upholding ethical standards, upskilling, education and societal values.

Automotive & Mobility trends session

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  • Hyper-personalised & user-adaptive cars

    Our discussion centered around hyper-personalized and user-adaptive cars, exploring their transformative potential fueled by AI-driven consumer experiences and digital personalization. Key points highlighted the implications for OEMs, suppliers, and consumers, including the shift toward software-defined vehicles. We delved into how personalization will reshape the automotive value chain and industry operations over the next decade, promising a future where vehicles seamlessly adapt to individual preferences.

  • 99% autonomous mobility & AI surveillance

    We explored the current state and future projections of EV adoption, AI and autonomous technology, where smarter decision-making and trust-building with users are paramount. With the prevalence of EVs, we anticipate a reduction in carbon emissions, fostering a more sustainable transportation ecosystem. While autonomous technology holds the promise of enhancing safety and efficiency, its full integration requires time, significant investment and thorough surveillance for smooth operation and logistics.

HealthTech trends session

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  • Trend 3 Personalization in Patient Care_
  • AI-powered healthcare

    Our discussion highlighted AI's transformative role in healthcare, particularly in streamlining administrative tasks and improving clinical outcomes. Key takeaways included AI's efficiency in administrative processes like note synthesis and billing, as well as its critical role in diagnostics and surgical applications. The integration of AI offers innovative solutions in surgery and pain management, signaling exciting developments in medical technology.

  • Digital biomarkers

    We explored the emergence of digital biomarkers as revolutionary tools for health monitoring, diagnostics and preventive healthcare. Experts discussed novel biomarkers like voice analysis and eye tracking, offering non-invasive monitoring options. These biomarkers are evolving to capture data passively and continuously, integrating into smart environments like homes and cars. This evolution enables constant health monitoring and enhances accessibility to healthcare services.

  • Personalization in patient care

    The importance of personalizing patient care for improved outcomes was emphasized in our discussion. Experts highlighted customized patient communication and services tailored to individual health needs and preferences. The field of personalized medicine, both digital and medical, is rapidly advancing, offering more precise and effective treatments. Digital twins were also discussed for their potential to refine treatment plans, drug discovery and research in patient care settings.

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About 10FWD

As we navigate the currents of change, Star’s 10FWD report serves as your beacon to the future. Recognizing the blend of possibilities and uncertainties on the horizon, we aim to demystify the complexities facing businesses today.

10FWD isn't about making predictions; it’s about preparing you to meet and get ahead of what comes next. By exploring the intersections of technology, business, and societal shifts, we offer a comprehensive and forward-looking guide to navigating the healthcare, automotive, and financial sectors. With our insights, strategic foresight, and technology solutions, we can help you create tomorrow, today.

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