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Webinar recording:
Mobility and me — what’s now and what’s next!

When we think of mobility innovation we tend to think about the changing modes of travel. But there is another, arguably more important, story. The story of how we humans interact with these transport modes. Here, away from the infrastructure and the heavy engineering; inventors, entrepreneurs, product designers, software engineers and a huge cast of supporting characters are innovating at a much faster pace, rapidly changing the experience we have and the value we get from mobility.

How are technologies like voice, VR HMI, haptics, 5G/V2V, mass coordination and cyber going to evolve and influence the Automotive & Mobility arena? During our session we unpack the lessons that can be learned for those looking to shape the future of mobility. We go broad and wide, before coming back to the practical, with takeaways for innovators in the here and now.


  • Reflect on the key innovations that have shaped our experience of mobility up to today
  • Explore the innovations that will shape how we experience mobility tomorrow
  • Learn a hands on tool for analysing future innovations and understanding the holistic needs and underlying trends

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