Constant Therapy is an award-winning speech, language and cognitive exercise app for people recovering from strokes, traumatic brain injury or who have a learning disorder. It works as a companion to cognitive and speech therapy, and patients can use it in-clinic or in the comfort of their own home. The app tailors content to the patient’s progress rate and helps patients improve their speech, language, memory, reading, attention and comprehension skills.

  • Delivery of Clinician Portal
  • Development of real-time voice-recognition system
  • Consistent user experience across all digital platforms
  • Improved solution architecture

The idea

Constant Therapy quickly became the solution-of-choice amongst practitioners and patient associations alike. As the app’s popularity and user base grew, the Boston University scientists behind its development needed a partner who could help them fast-track development of the app for Android devices.

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What started out as Android development support soon expanded to include feature development across Android, iOS, and Web platforms, always with an eye for Learning Corp’s stringent QA standards. We then worked on the solution architecture and develop a standardized and unified code that would make it easier to maintain the platform and introduce new features going forward. Learning Corp now has a complete service package that can form the basis for the platform’s future development.

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“It’s been a pleasure working with the team at Star, from the management down. The developers are top-notch, and they assimilated into our team smoothly. In addition to their technical skills, Star incorporated industry-standard best practices that helped us streamline our software development cycle as we moved from the startup phase into a larger organization. Our collaboration with Star has helped us deliver high-quality software to our users.”

Mahendra Advani, Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering

Project Scope

Technology stack


Technology stack


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