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At Star, we’ve worked in healthcare for over a decade and have developed an in-depth understanding of its unique regulatory environments and ever-changing markets.

Our team of strategists, designers and engineers share an underlying passion for creating purposeful digital healthcare products that bring value to the lives of patients, caregivers and other healthcare stakeholders.

Working from ideation to launch, we’ve built numerous compliant solutions that meet Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency standards. Our custom solutions are focused on human-centered design thinking and are HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

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of our new projects are recurring customers or referral through our existing clients


team members worldwide. At Star, we are a diverse team of strategists, designers and engineers


years in the making. Our roots are in Silicon Valley. Our mindset is global


completed projects for over 300 customers

We are certified and experienced healthcare technologists

Compliance experience

healthcare compliance


healthcare certifications


Integration expertise

healthcare expertise


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Bringing your digital healthcare ideas to life

What makes us different

We take a proactive, design-driven approach to delivery, never losing sight of the users your product will serve. We think holistically, focusing on the product’s overall success and seeing it in the context of the market as a whole. Our teams immerse themselves in our customers’ business needs, collaborating closely with end users at each stage of the development process. All of this, combined with our highly proactive and professional engineering teams, help us create flexible, integrated, interoperable and digitally-enabled tools, technologies and services for the healthcare industry.

digital healthcare strategy

digital healthcare ideas

How we do it

We have over a decade of experience working tightly with startups. During this time, we’ve developed agile, lean and flexible processes which we can apply to any type of a project. This enables us to deliver end-to-end digital health solutions with high speed and quality, with the help of our cross-functional, easily scalable teams.


digital healthcare products
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Star Health & Wellness experts

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David Box
David Box
Managing Director, Health & Wellness
Alona Makogon
Alona Makogon
Marketing & Business Development Lead
Christopher Scales
Christopher Scales
Director of Strategy & Insight
Elena Cannata
Elena Cannata
Delivery & Strategy Lead, North America
Rostyslav Oliinyk
Rostyslav Oliinyk
Delivery & Strategy Lead, Europe
Ed Adamson
Ed Adamson
Director of Strategy & Insight, UK
Antonina Burlachenko
Antonina Burlachenko
Head of QA
Olia Dehtiarova
Olia Dehtiarova
Deputy Head of Product Management
Oksana Okolovych
Oksana Okolovych
Industry Analyst
Alex Debkaliuk
Alex Debkaliuk
Design Director
Sergiy Uskov
Sergiy Uskov
Director, Service Delivery

Our experience in the healthcare industry, as well as a long-term cross-sector experience (automotive and mobility, fitness and wellness, fintech, IoT) supplies us with the right tools, knowledge and people to successfully deliver all the elements of a digital healthcare product.

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How we digitise healthcare

Star Strategy

Star Strategy

Business Design

Opportunity exploration

Trends & Insights

Roadmap Development

Strategy Validation

New Ventures

Star Design

Star Design

Design Research

Design Strategy


Digital Design

Industrial Design

Service Design

Star Engineering

Star Engineering

Web & Mobile

Embedded & Hardware

Cloud & DevOps

Data Science

Product Management

Quality Assurance

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