Integrating AI into your business: an exclusive Q&A with Star's Head of AI and Data Science Practice

Martin Fix

by Martin Fix

Nowadays, businesses are increasingly turning to AI to gain a competitive edge. But with great power comes great responsibility. Companies must strategically invest in AI and navigate its complexities around safety, security, and cultural fit to maximize its benefits for the users and the company. In this Q&A session, we speak to Star’s Head of AI and Data Science Practice, Martin Fix, to shed light on the crucial aspects of AI adoption. From the importance of safeguarding your AI initiatives to the metrics that matter the most.

Integrating Ai into business

Should all companies invest in their own AI tools?

Investing in AI should be a strategic choice with a clear focus on where it can genuinely add value. The key is not just having AI for the sake of it but aligning it with the core objectives of your business. Start by identifying areas where AI can provide real benefits either for your company or your customers.

Cybersecurity has become a concern for businesses during the rise of AI. How do you recommend safeguarding the business, and why is it important to do so as AI matures?

Cybersecurity is of critical importance for AI, as it is for any emerging technology in the digital realm. We do recognize that AI may require a different approach. Since many AI systems aim to answer a wide array of questions, there is a need to access as much information about the company as possible, spanning various levels of confidentiality.

A "universal" AI system will respond with a "universal" answer to anyone posing a question. To exert control over information access, it is imperative to implement data segmentation and knowledge representation. Traditional roles and rights models remain crucial when working with AI.

Another concerning area is the potential for AI to be leveraged for more sophisticated social engineering attacks. Armed with minimal public information about a company or individual, attackers can now craft a complex narrative with contextual details to deceive employees into disclosing sensitive information.

Customer satisfaction and employee productivity are top priorities. What role do these metrics play in AI business solutions?

A customer-facing AI solution depends entirely on trust and customer satisfaction. If the customer isn't happy or doesn’t trust the solution, it simply won't be utilized. This aligns with the typical pattern seen in any solution. However, in the realm of AI business solutions, the benchmark for trust and satisfaction might need to be set even higher, given that expectations often appear to be loftier than those for other solutions. The hype around artificial intelligence and its anticipated capabilities may disconnect from the realities of the actual business value it can already provide.

There's a noticeable distinction between using AI for recreational purposes and employing it to generate dependable, compliant, and high-quality results. Within the B2B application of AI, increased productivity serves as the internal measure of success. If people can achieve the same level of work quality in less time, it results in tangible business value. AI can certainly aid in this endeavor, but it's essential to carefully assess whether achieving the same quality in less time is a feasible reality. While automation may save time on one end, there's still a need for time devoted to quality control, review, and finalization. Nevertheless, overall, we anticipate that AI will significantly expedite these processes.

Why do many businesses face challenges when implementing AI solutions, particularly in data security and legacy system integration?

From our perspective, this is caused by a combination of several factors. Firstly, many companies still need a deeper understanding of their current situation regarding data, information, application landscapes, technology stacks, and business processes. Managing this complex mix and establishing the necessary transparency can be challenging. The better a company comprehends its current status, the smoother the integration of new technologies like AI or any other innovations becomes. Having the right starting point is key.

At Star, we understand these complexities and have developed Start.AI to address them head-on. Our approach to AI integration is holistic, focusing not just on the technology itself but on how it fits within your existing business ecosystem. We delve into your data landscape, application frameworks, and business processes to ensure seamless and secure AI integration. With Start.AI, we bridge the gap between advanced AI potential and the practical realities of data security and legacy systems, paving the way for a smooth, secure, and successful AI adoption.

This emphasis on comprehensive understanding extends directly to security considerations. Information security demands a comprehensive grasp of the origins and paths of data within and outside the company. AI can introduce additional access points to this information that require careful control. However, as AI is currently at the peak of the hype cycle, the development of its functionality significantly outpaces its security capabilities. It will take time to ensure that this new world becomes "secure enough" for reliable business use. Our approach to AI integration includes prioritizing robust security protocols to ensure safe business use.

Why is partnering with external service providers essential for businesses when implementing AI tools?

External partners offer specialized knowledge, skills, and resources. They provide access to expertise and can seamlessly deliver competencies a company might lack. Furthermore, they stay updated on the latest technologies and have experience in leveraging them in various business contexts. Lastly, external partners often operate at a different pace than the company itself, offering a strategic advantage in adapting quickly to market changes and opportunities.

Star: your partner for AI-driven business transformation

The adoption of AI is no longer a choice but a strategic imperative. However, the path to harnessing the power of AI is paved with considerations that go beyond mere technology implementation.

At Star, we specialize in comprehensive AI solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the AI era. Let's navigate the AI landscape together and unlock its full potential for your business.

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Martin Fix
Head of AI and Data Science Practice at Star

Martin is a seasoned technology professional with an extensive background in software development, IT, and technology management spanning over 25 years. Currently serving as the Head of AI and Data Science Practice at Star, he brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Throughout his career, Martin has demonstrated a strong leadership acumen, amassing 15 years of experience in guiding teams through change management initiatives and fostering organizational growth.

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