Healthcare evolution: the MedTech technologies fuelling SaMD product development

Geoffrey Parker
Patrick Compton

by Geoffrey Parker, Patrick Compton

MedTech technologies for SaMD product development R1hbapm

As the shift to digitally-enabled care accelerates, which innovations should decision-makers be paying attention to? At Star, we see SaMD (Software as a Medical Device) and DTx (digital therapeutics) as critical in the transition to more accessible, affordable and effective care. MedTech product development creates enormous opportunities for startups and established companies alike to deliver value to patients, providers and stakeholders. 

This comprehensive SaMD report takes you through what you need to know to understand the current moment in healthcare, emerging technologies and how to craft a product strategy ready for the rigors of notified body approval. 

Get inspired by how different emerging technologies can work together to build game-changing MedTech and digital healthcare. 

Explore SaMD, MedTech
and DTx development

What you’ll gain from this report

Star’s HealthTech Practice provides expert perspectives on the rapidly evolving world of SaMD development and MedTech solutions, including: 

  • Our changing global healthcare system 
  • The current state of MedTech and in-home care 
  • Key SaMD companies serving aging populations 
  • The benefits of regulated SaMD vs. consumer digital health
  • Estimating the cost of medical device product development
  • Essential considerations for developing user-centric, secure and market-ready SaMD 
  • Choosing the right MedTech product development partner

The potential gains for healthcare businesses, patients and providers are immense. Fuse the agility and flexibility of the solution-driven world to build groundbreaking regulated MedTech.


A focused look into SaMD, DTx and MedTech

Star HealthTech combines regulatory and product strategy, design and engineering services to deliver cutting-edge SaMD technologies and MedTech solutions. Together, we harness the latest technologies and a user-first approach to help our clients create award-winning projects that drive new growth and define their brand in the connected health era.

Image sources: Current Health, Skin Analytics

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MedTech technologies for SaMD product development Ralkbapm
Geoffrey Parker
Technology Director, HealthTech at Star

As Technology Director for HealthTech, Geoff brings over 25 years experience designing and delivering software solutions. Dedicated to healthcare, life sciences and wellness industries, Geoff believes that technology should enhance our lives in a non-invasive manner. He enjoys working with clients to understand their business and user needs, and deliver secure, connected and engaging solutions that address the industry's regulatory requirements and deliver value to all stakeholders.

MedTech technologies for SaMD product development Rapkbapm
Patrick Compton
Senior Researcher, HealthTech at Star

As Senior Researcher, Star HealthTech Practice, Patrick Compton works with team leadership to ideate, craft and refine communications and content. He focuses on emerging technologies, product strategy and amplifying Star's core strengths as an end-to-end MedTech and digital healthcare development partner.

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