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Partnering with AppyWay
to make parking forgettable


AppyWay exists to make parking forgettable, and in so doing has created a range of different products and services such as digital mapping, parking management and analysis solutions. Armed with best-in-class curbside data and APIs, as well as close relationships with local authorities UK-wide, AppyWay continues to strive to realize the untapped potential of the curbside, and bring that value to its customers.


Looking to capitalize on strong in-market momentum, AppyWay identified its existing mobile application(s) as at risk of falling behind the needs of users as well as limiting the potential of its future business model.

  • Developed an iOS/Android mobile application for fleet and B2C users 
  • Using the new application, AppyWay can secure new commercial opportunities and expand their business into new domains.
  • Fleet operators have a new tool to reduce parking fines for drivers.
  • Existing users get an improved mobile application which makes it easier to locate and purchase parking.

The idea

To solve this, AppyWay wanted to develop a new B2C and fleet mobile application demonstrating the capabilities of their data. The application was intended to support future funding rounds, improve the customer experience for existing users and demonstrate the capabilities of AppyWay to future partners. 

Earlier in the year, the AppyWay team had completed a design sprint to ideate on the functionality for the MVP. They engaged Star for our end-to-end product development experience along with deep expertise in mapping and mobile solutions. Star put together a full stack team covering product, design, engineering and testing to work side-by-side with the AppyWay product and backend team.

AppyWay - automotive mobile app development


The core functionality of the applications included displaying, searching and filtering parking options, helping consumers to understand the cheapest and nearest options. This was delivered with a high-quality user experience executed as native iOS and Android applications.

The application is now being used to secure new commercial opportunities for AppyWay as they look to expand their business into new domains. Following the launch of the product in market, individual users will be able to take the stress out of parking, while fleet operators will have a new tool to reduce parking fines for their drivers.


testimonial - appyway
Stephen Jones
Chief Product Officer at AppyWay

"From the very first conversation to the delivered product and everything in between, it is very clear that Star will be a long-term partner. They share common values and the same desire to create the highest quality solution  for our clients and consumers. The whole engineering team acts as if they are permanent employees, taking time to really understand the complexities of the domain and within a very short period of time we were seeing delivered product to a high degree of quality.  I am personally looking forward to exploring the boundaries of this partnership."

Project Scope

Service lines

  • Market research
  • Product definition
  • User research   
  • Concept creation
  • Design (UI, UX, Industrial)
  • Software architecture & development
  • Feature Development
  • Quality Assurance


  • Android Application – Kotlin
  • iOS Application – Swift
  • Mapping – Mapbox

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