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Creating people-first digital payment solutions with Star’s FinTech Builder


Monavate is an early-stage FinTech focused on embedded finance solutions, compliance, DeFi enablement, and card scheme sponsorship. It is an FCA-regulated e-money institution, certified with Mastercard, Visa and Discover as a principal member. As such, it operates as a dynamic player in key markets, including international prepaid cards, which is set to reach $3.7 trillion this year.   

Monavate combines expert guidance with fit-for-purpose technology to translate the most ambitious financial product ideas into reality. Through BIN (Bank Identification Number) sponsorship, card processing and related services, their platform enables companies to quickly and simply create new programs, expand into new geographies and offer value-add services to their customers.

  • Built Monavate’s first platform MVP 
  • Helped ideate and co-create their solution, its design and their strategic roadmap 
  • Ensured flexible integration around market and product structures 
  • Platform is integrated with multiple value-add services, including IBAN services, virtual accounts, AML and card fraud detection services
  • Ongoing development partnership structured around defined roadmap 
  • Monavate was rated as a 2021 top startup and secured £5m in seeding funding in Mar. 2021

The idea

Monavate reached out to Star to help them launch their feature-rich FinTech platform from scratch. Their pioneering product would focus on several impactful areas, including BIN sponsorship, card processing, bank transfer and top-up, cardless cash withdrawal, account reconciliation and CRM and customer support. 

Our FinTech team provided holistic end-to-end technology services and expertise, transforming their visionary ideas into an outstanding product that quickly reached the market. We helped them articulate everything they needed to develop their first MVP and build the foundation for an astonishing FinTech solution that fits into their financial and time requirements. 

Monavate digital payments solution
Monavate digital payments


Monavate’s founding team brought a massive amount of experience from ecosystem leaders. They reached out to us to translate that expertise and create a first-generation MVP to help them stay lean and make the most from their seed capital. With Star’s track record of success as a FinTech Builder, the decision to partner with us was as easy as 1-2-3. 

We kicked off our collaboration with a light-touch six-week discovery process. Our team included a product lead, solution architect and designer to help them define from scratch the best path forward. Based on our findings, we created a solution, roadmap and design for them. 

From here, we moved into the next phase supporting as a development partner. Over nine months, we orchestrated a cross-functional team of front and backend developers, designers, product managers and other experts and ran through a cycle of sprints to build the framework for the solution, engineer core features and ultimately launch the MVP. 

One of our top achievements has been the creation of the Monavate IBAN (International Bank Account Number) API services which allow users to create, modify or delete multi-currency accounts. IBANs are critical for enabling cross-border transactions, reducing errors when transferring across international accounts and providing unique account identification. Together with Monavate, we’ve taken a very complex traditional financial product and made it so so simple that IBANs can be opened in seconds. Best of all, less than 10 API calls (information exchange, process and feedback between client and server) offer all the functionality needed helping further streamline platform functionality. 

We’ve also created a powerful suite of API services to integrate Monavate’s customers with Episode 6 (industry-leading account management and transaction process system), providing them with global card management services, at reduced complexity, cost and, lead-time.

We continue to be Monavate’s development partner seamlessly working alongside Monavate’s own product, project and implementations teams further evolving the platform as they reach new customers. 


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Scott Lucas
Co-Founder and CCO at Monavate

“Star’s FinTech Builder was exactly what we needed. Their experts anticipated our needs and vastly accelerated our time to market, enabling us to onboard our first customers. Our ongoing partnership has ensured we continue our rapid growth.”

Project scope

  • Product & Requirements Management
  • Design Research
  • Storytelling 
  • Digital Design
  • Web Engineering
  • Cloud Engineering & DevOps