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What’s driving
the growth within BNPL?

Join the discussion with Olivier Bessi, Product Director, FinTech at Star, Szilvia Kovari-Krecsmary, Chief Marketing Officer at Paidy, Anastasia Douva, Head of Core Solutions at Visa and Rolf Merchant, Head of Public Affairs at Innovate Finance, as they explore the boom in buy now, pay later (BNPL) services and the future of digital payments.

Why this matters: BNPL products – with a 215% growth year-on-year in the first two months of 2021 – have officially gone mainstream. But what’s driving growth for BNPL products and companies globally? And how can digital finance players capitalize on today’s BNPL trends? Our latest FinTech webinar will uncover important answers to these questions.


Olivier Bessi
Product Director, FinTech at Star

Olivier is passionate about Financial Technology, Open Banking, Payments, Cards, Trading, Derivatives, and Machine Learning. He loves to build solutions that create value for companies and individuals in the B2B and B2C space. With 10+ years of experience in Product Management and Capital Markets, Olivier successfully collaborated with some of the UK’s largest FCMs and Investment Banks.

He successfully led the launch and growth of a new derivatives post-trade reconciliation product – driving its design, implementation, management, go-to-market, and pre-sales to build a profitable, sustainable business.

Szilvia Kovari-Krecsmary
Chief Marketing Officer at Paidy

Szilvia is a business and marketing strategist with 20 years of experience developing and building brands for a variety of B2C products, services and platforms, from tech to consumer goods, e-commerce to retail. Her expertise has been built through working at industry behemoths including Netflix, Dentsu, Ernst & Young and J Walter Thompson, across 5 continents.

Currently leading all marketing, UX/UI and PR activities for Paidy, a unicorn BNPL business in Japan, just acquired by PayPal. Szilva is Hungarian and fluent in 4 languages based in Tokyo. She has just published in Japanese a new book called “Start Up Nippon”, focused on how to create a more innovative and brighter future for businesses as well as individuals.

Rolf Merchant
Head of Public Affairs at Innovate Finance

Rolf is Head of Public Affairs at Innovate Finance, the UK industry association for FinTech and financial innovation. At Innovate Finance, Rolf works closely with a number of the UK’s leading FinTech companies to support and advance their public policy priorities and involve them in the organization’s cross-sector programs spanning investment, skills and international expansion. 

Rolf works with the organization’s members to highlight growing trends in the sector and the positive impact of specific areas of FinTech innovation on small businesses and the consumer through ongoing campaigns and initiatives.

Anastasia Douva
Head of Core Solutions at Visa

Anastasia is Head of Core Products for Visa in Europe and prior to this, held a number of other senior roles within Visa Inc. Anastasia has a passion for delivering products that provide great consumer experiences. 

Over her 9 years at Visa, she has gained experience spanning across payment strategies, proposition development, partnerships and lending products. More recently she has been working on Visa’s country-specific strategic initiatives related to lending and buy now, pay later. Prior to Visa, Anastasia held roles at various issuing banks, including Barclaycard and Citibank.

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What you’ll gain from this event

  • Understand BNPL’s role in the future of payments
  • Dig into what’s driving the growth of BNPL companies
  • See how BNPL is eliminating credit card payments at POS
  • Forecast how regulations will shape the BNPL industry
  • Explore how new payment options are changing consumer payment behavior
  • Discover how the BNPL model helps companies adapt and acquire more engaged customers
  • Uncover the role BNPL will have on the future of payments

For both e-commerce and point-of-sale (POS) digital payments, BNPL has delivered huge advantages to consumers and merchants, including better transparency and convenience, and these are already competing with traditional credit card schemes. 

Watch the webinar recording to get the expert insights you need to stay ahead in BNPL market.

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