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Making digital therapeutics work: 10 principles to drive patient engagement

We have a serious adherence problem. Each year, medication non-adherence contributes to 125,000 preventable deaths, 25% of all hospitalizations and 50% of treatment failures in the US alone. 

Enter DTx (digital therapeutics) products. Digital therapeutics are evidence-based digital therapeutic interventions to prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or disease. They’ve already proven effective in improving adherence in a wide range of health conditions, including diabetes management, MSK physiotherapy and asthma. 

Join Star’s Chris Scales and Neurotrack’s Elli Kaplan in this webinar that explores the challenge of adherence and the promise of digital therapeutics. 

In this expert webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • How digital therapeutics are filling gaps left by traditional interventions
  • Key design principles that drive engagement and adherence 
  • How Neurotrack designed a modern-day cognitive testing process

Join Star and Neurotrack in an upcoming webinar to see how a design-driven strategy fosters patient engagement and improves health outcomes. 


Elli Kaplan
Co-founder and CEO at Neurotrack

Elli Kaplan​ ​is the Co-founder and CEO of Neurotrack, a Silicon Valley-based digital health company on a mission to transform the diagnosis and prevention of Alzheimer’s. Neurotrack’s clinically-validated cognitive health solution is trusted by insurers, patients and top academic research institutions, including Harvard Medical School and Stanford Medicine. Elli is also a Fellow of the Aspen Institute’s Health Innovators Fellowship and sits on the Advisory Board of Harvard Business School’s Healthcare Initiative.

Christopher Scales
Director of Strategy & Insight at Star

As Director of Strategy and Insight at Star, Christopher works primarily with the Health & Wellness team to define human-centered digital strategies designed to improve engagement and deliver better health outcomes. In addition to his healthcare design experience, he has also successfully brought to market consumer electronics, automotive and heavy industry products and solutions. Before joining Star, Christopher has held various roles in strategic design consulting and roles in internal corporate design and innovation groups.

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Harnessing design to drive adherence  

Chris Scales – Director of Strategy and Insight – Star, will introduce  design principles integral to creating patient-centric healthcare digital applications.

  • An analysis of the current DTx market 
  • The main experience principles for designing DTx
  • Reaching hard-to-engage patients 
  • Overcoming data collection challenges 

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Neurotrack: design principles in action 

From here, Elli Kaplan — Co-founder and CEO — Neurotrack, will cover the design principles that guided the development of its digital therapeutic Cognitive Health Program. 

  • An overview of Neurotrack’s cognitive health digital therapeutic
  • How Neurotrack modernized cognitive testing through design
  • Building an application with  an older audience in mind
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Healthcare redefined: the emerging DTx world 

Digitalization in healthcare is delivering better health outcomes, lowering costs and improving adherence. The key to all these gains is design. Above all, design transforms a medical intervention into a valuable, seamless and even joyful part of life for patients that aren’t just another reminder of their illness but something they enjoy using daily. 

At Star, we believe in a future driven by on-demand, personalized and affordable healthcare for everyone. That’s why our teams of strategists, designers and engineers have been delivering excellence in digital health for 12+ years. 

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