The power of attraction and empathy: digital advertising trends in an AI-powered future

Stephen Noble
Konstantin Burkovtsev
Oliver Feldwick
Valeria Balaro

by Stephen Noble, Konstantin Burkovtsev, Oliver Feldwick, Valeria Balaro

AI and the future of digital advertising R1hbapm

In the last year, few industries have been impervious to the entrance and integration of AI to streamline workflows, transform business operations, and optimize data. With the rise of new AI-powered platforms, new communities in the Metaverse and Web3 are presenting a new challenge to advertising agencies and brands looking to garner a captive audience and increase engagement. 

Instead of viewing AI as the ultimate changemaker, what if agencies and brands approached the Metaverse, Web3, and upcoming AI-enabled platforms as just another digital channel? The&Partnership captures this approach best in talking about emergent digital channels like the Metaverse: 

New channels will always emerge and proclaim themselves as a new paradigm of consumer relationship, but the principles of channels (usually) remain the same. The Metaverse is just an extension of this evolution – new virtual worlds where people may spend more time, and as a result, where brands may spend more time.

Oliver Feldwick

Oliver Feldwick

Head of Innovation at The&Partnership

Valeria Balaro, VP of Marketing at Star, discussed with panelists, Stephen Noble (Business Development Director, Star), Konstantin Burkovtsev (Product Manager, Star), and Oliver Feldwick (Head of Innovation, The&Partnership), the current state and trends of decentralized platforms and digital channels, its communities, and how AI has completely overshadowed experimental channels. Watch the panel recording and learn about:

  • Advertising trends and brand concerns on experimental channels such as the Metaverse, Web3, and their respective communities 
  • What agencies should focus on and how to incorporate experimental and traditional channels into a cohesive ad journey
  • How agencies can smoothly transition and adopt AI into their processes, including:
    • Using generative AI to create campaign assets at scale, personalize assets, launch A/B tests
    • Using predictive AI to assess ad performance, forecast campaign outcomes, optimize audience targeting strategy, and scale for better results
  • Balancing AI-human inputs, AI training, and the art of campaign creation
  • Ethical AI applications, privacy, and transparency

Has the AI hype overtaken the Metaverse and Web3?

GroupM estimates that by 2032, more than $1 trillion in ad revenue could go toward AI-enabled advertising.

AI-enabled advertising solutions

Regardless of how consistent or expansive the audience on these new digital channels might be, agencies and brands are still considering new communities in the Metaverse and Web3

To reach new audiences and generate business value, agencies must be attuned to consumers’ evolving ethos and changing demands for sustainability and social good. While AI is a good tool for balancing the changing advertising landscape amidst leaner budgets, it’s not a surefire solution for agency woes.

Transforming trendy tech (like the Metaverse or AI) into a robust advertising strategy takes much more than good branding. As audiences in the Metaverse gain momentum, brands can use AI to personalize, empower, and scale campaigns to connect with Gen Z and emerging communities. Since generative AI can create a large volume of creative, customized assets quickly, ML algorithms can considerably enhance the customer’s digital experience by forecasting optimized ad placement for different target audiences while executing complex agency objectives. Likewise, agencies should understand the range of AI applications and the necessary training for data practitioners to augment new workflows. 

For agencies and brands looking to leverage AI for business and advertising goals, it’s not only about appealing to new AI-enabled communities but understanding how to navigate the evolving advertising landscape efficiently and effectively with AI.

One unified ad platform, multiple solutions

Although AI promises to help companies to increase revenue, streamline workflows, and lower costs, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution for agencies and brands.

We help companies build solutions and unified ad platforms that captivate audiences and translate data insights into actionable results. Whether your focus is improved decision-making processes, reliable ML models and data analysis, or AI-enabled campaign creation, we’ve helped agencies create unified platforms that translate social good into enduring, memorable campaigns. 

What will differentiate your agency's operations and campaign from the competition? 

Our design, strategy, and unified ad solutions. Watch the panel and hear our experts’ take on how to make the Metaverse, Web3, and AI work for you. 

trends in digital advertising

Agency strategies and AI-readiness: trends in digital advertising

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AI and the future of digital advertising Rl5kbapm
Stephen Noble
Business Development Director at Star

Stephen is an innovation expert with robust experience on the media agency side and AdTech & MarTech product creation. He is passionate about translating trends into productive results for agencies, helping them and their customers to gain a competitive edge and impactful returns.

AI and the future of digital advertising Rl9kbapm
Konstantin Burkovtsev
Product Manager at Star

Konstantin is an enthusiastic product leader with over a decade of experience in building AdTech & MarTech solutions for world-class creative agencies and product companies. His work lies at the intersection of problem-solving, value & growth hypotheses validation, and building products from MVP to product-market fit and furthering wider adoption.

AI and the future of digital advertising Rldkbapm
Oliver Feldwick
Head of Innovation at The&Partnership

Oliver is a longtime Digital Strategist in advertising. He’s worked on accounts including Toyota, Lexus, Mars, NatWest, NewsUK, Centrica, Samsung, and Coty. Prior to that, he worked at agencies like AKQA and BBH. His work focuses on the ethics of advertising and the impending turn in digital marketing. His publications include an Admap essay, "The Uncanny Valley of Personalisation," and more recently, “Unleashing Cyborg Creativity” for his IPA Excellence Diploma.

AI and the future of digital advertising Rlhkbapm
Valeria Balaro
VP of Marketing at Star

Valeria is a marketing visionary with a wealth of expertise in brand and marketing strategy and innovation. Prior to Star, her career spanned renowned organizations such as Kantar, BNP Paribas, and RFI Global, where she led brand and marketing teams while spearheading innovation strategies. Combining passion with empathy, Valeria is known for her ability to craft brand strategies that resonate with C-suite audiences. Her unique talent lies in her ability to design award-winning, internationally scalable campaigns that not only captivate audiences but also generate significant demand and establish thought leadership.

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