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Imagine if every decision your doctor made about your health was informed by millions of data points and the most up-to-date and accurate information. You’d feel confident you were getting the best care for your needs. 

This is just one way that artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare and life sciences. It’s tackling some of the most critical issues in the healthcare industry, including improving population health, lowering costs, reducing human error and improving the flow of data across all stakeholders. 

Armed with AI, providers can make swifter and more accurate clinical decisions while patients can be more involved throughout their care journey. Nonetheless, while these prospects may be tantalizing, open issues around AI regulation and clinical relevance are slowing down implementation.  

Further, there is a disconnect between perception and reality. 53% of executives say healthcare leads other industries in AI adoption. The reality is far different, with cost and skill barriers and concerns over PHI security creating serious stumbling blocks. 

Build your AI strategy in healthcare 

To help healthcare leaders get a broader sense of the ecosystem and determine the opportunities and obstacles in the way of implementing artificial intelligence, Star teamed up with leading AI research firm Emerj. 

Together, we created the “Executive Guide to AI adoption in Healthcare.” This roadmap outlines the key steps to effectively integrating artificial intelligence in different areas of healthcare. 

In the report, you’ll discover: 

  • A three-phase process for mapping AI technology opportunities
  • Common mistakes to avoid in creating an AI strategy
  • Best-practices for handling and addressing data challenges
  • Step-by-step case studies of AI related healthcare initiatives


The time for AI in healthcare is now

This past year has seen emerging healthcare technologies reach truly large and engaged audiences for the first time. One of the few silver linings of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a relaxation of regulation around certain new tech applications as well as a willingness on the part of both providers and patients to try new solutions. 

Telehealth and digital health products have gained immense traction in the market, and many of them are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. The winds change are finally accelerating quickly in healthcare. Seize this moment to embrace AI and the benefits it delivers to all stakeholders.

Check out how we helped Clarify Health harness large data sets to improve providers workflows.

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AI in healthcare: a win for all stakeholders

The road ahead for healthcare leaders is full of promise. AI will deliver lower costs, improve workflows and drive gains across the ecosystem. Above all, it will unlock opportunities that we have not even begun considering yet. 

At Star, we understand just how important AI adoption in healthcare is. That’s why our teams of strategists, designers and engineers have been delivering AI and ML-powered healthtech innovations for 12+ years. Connect with us now to see in what ways we can fulfill your goals.