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The FinTech revolution: UX as a key driver for establishing trust

Join Star’s discussion on building enduring adoption and trust in digital finance.

With the advent of Open banking, traditional market players in the financial services sector have become increasingly challenged by FinTech start-ups that leverage digital technologies to provide greater access and flexibility to the digitally-native consumer.  

This emerging generation has high expectations for digital finance and seeks more responsible, reassuring, personalized and seamless solutions. In short, if the User Experience (UX) doesn’t resonate with their heads and their hearts, then it won’t inspire enduring usage and adoption. 

At Star, our team of FinTech and design experts has conducted an internal study to investigate the role of trust and have uncovered how a well-executed UX helps create an engaging and trust-building relationship between financial services providers and consumers. 

In this free session, Adrian will provide:

  • A brief evaluation of the market and the current status of the FinTech revolution
  • An overview of the main Financial service disruption drivers
  • Insights into the challengers and the ingredients they’re harnessing to create excellent user experiences
  • Impact analysis of UX design principles and how they contribute to ecosystem trust-building especially for younger consumers

Featuring special guest: Iven Kurz

We are thrilled to announce our special guest: Founder and CEO of Evergreen GmbH Iven Kurz. Evergreen is a professional asset manager and makes financial planning and investing as easy as 1-2-3 with their intuitive and user-centric digital finance solution. Iven will join the discussion and then lead his own fascinating segment on how to turn complicated and expensive into simple and free of charge.

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Adrian Waibel
Design Director at Star

Adrian spearheads Star Global’s recently-opened Frankfurt Design Studio. As a strong believer in human-centered design, Adrian’s passion is creating outstanding user experiences that meet financial viability and technical feasibility needs. Formerly Head of Design at Loewe, Adrian brings a rich set of experience in design strategy and digital design works closely alongside Star’s FinTech team to design and deliver user-centric FinTech innovation. 

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