Chronic disease management solution

Uniting patients, healthcare professionals, payers, and pharmaceutical companies with a customizable, all-in-one chronic disease management solution that drives better care outcomes.

What we offer

We partner with payers, pharma, providers, healthcare organizations and product vendors to build and evolve interoperable, efficient and usable solutions tailored to your needs. 

  • Single condition and combordity management

    Define which diseases you need to track and provide customized solutions for management, treatment, education and follow-up.

  • Patient companion applications 

    Track vitals, comorbidities, symptoms, anomalies, medication adherence and self-assessment in one place.

  • 24/7 vitals monitoring

    Whether you need additional wearables for tracking data, or prescription adherence monitoring, CDMS notifies and transfers secure interoperable data to healthcare professionals.

  • Dashboard for healthcare professionals

    One dashboard for all patient data. Monitor rehabilitation progress and be notified about critical conditions, status changes and important health updates. 

  • Securely share between healthcare systems

    Maintain continuity of collected health data for your workflow and health services across every yse case, including hospital systems, diagnostics and EHRs. 

  • Data interoperability between systems

    Integrate health data to EHR/EMR, PACS, RIS, HIS systems using HL7/FHIR/DICOM. Model your data using the best approach for interoperability. Private and secure up to any standard including GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA.

  • Streamline care coordination across every stakeholder

    Empower HCPs, caregivers and patients with centralized condition management, treatment, educational tools and broad medical community access. 

  • Actionable data and analytics 

    Enhance condition management with real-time information, trends, aberrations and alerts for when clinical interventions may be necessary.

Create healthcare that works better for everyone with our all-in-one chronic disease solution

Unify data and take advantage of an all-in-one solution that tracks any chronic disease.

We're certified and experienced healthcare technologists


  • ISO 13485
    ISO 13485
  • ISO 27001
    ISO 27001
  • GDPR
  • IEC 62304
    IEC 62304


  • Cerner
  • Epic
  • Surescripts
  • Allscripts


  • Apple HealthKit
    Apple HealthKit
  • Validic
  • Iguana
  • Mirth

Our clients say...

"We enjoy working with Star particularly because of their outstanding solution- and goal-oriented thinking!
The directions and solutions we get from them are always valuable, based on solid work and usually exceeding our expectations… as if they had understood exactly what we need - sometimes, without us even knowing ourselves!"

Inkeri Klomsdorf,Head of Remote Platforms, ZEISS Vision Care

"It’s been a pleasure working with the team at Star, from the management down.
The developers are top-notch, and they assimilated into our team smoothly. In addition to their technical skills, Star incorporated industry-standard best practices that helped us streamline our software development cycle as we moved from the startup phase into a larger organization."
Constant Therapy

Mahendra Advani,Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering

"We have worked with Star on a number of projects, and are always impressed with their professionalism and creativity.
The Star team is able to work side-by-side with our people and provide the necessary design and software engineering skills to get the job done."
Clarify Health

Todd Gottula,Founder, President & Chief Product Officer

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