The digital health trends and innovations redefining healthcare

Digital health trends redefining healthcare R1hbapm

Whether you attended CES 2021 or not, one topic stole the show: digital health. It was everywhere this year. We saw new product releases and Best of CES Innovation Winners like the BioButton and Epsy to influential keynote speakers and panels from the most dynamic ecosystem players. 

CES is always a sign of the most important trends and innovations of the next year. This year was no exception. We’ve captured what you need to know about the explosive growth of digital health in this report, “The digital health trends and innovations redefining healthcare.” 

Here are a few CES 2021 highlights you’ll learn about in detail:

Tomorrow’s hospitals will be at home

2020 proved just how capable telehealth could be for addressing many patient needs, from routine checkups to mental health therapy. 

But we’re only at the beginning of what digital health can do. Tools like remote patient monitoring and other AI-powered solutions will make it so that the majority of healthcare will be conducted remotely. 

Tomorrow’s hospitals will be at home

Healthcare’s continued consumerization 

Digital health empowers patients to bridge gaps between providers and patients. Telehealth fuels holistic consumer engagement that expands well beyond the traditional checkup and consultation.

From CES 2021, we saw how healthcare consumerization provides something many people never had before in healthcare — options — further enabling providers and payers to adopt the value-based care approach that’s redefining the healthcare paradigm. 

Telehealth is powering mental health, chronic illness, triage, checkups, and more and it’s not just good for consumers but providers and all industry stakeholders. It lowers costs, improves their workflows and allows more continuous engagement and intervention with patients when needed. 

Healthcare’s continued consumerization

The next generation of technology

CES is always exciting for the debut of new products and panel discussions and keynotes with industry leaders. This year, we got a clear preview of the not-too-distant future of medicine. 

It’s on-demand, modulated through wearables and sensors, and powered by AI and large data sets. 

The report goes into detail about additional breakthrough innovations built around: 

  • Integration of new and legacy devices: discover how providers are integrating products and services to create a seamless, interoperable experience. 
  • Faster, safer clinical trials: AI applications are transforming so many areas of healthcare. Discover how they’ll help speed up the next generation of vaccines and biopharmaceutics. 
  • The rise of digital therapeutics: digital therapeutics will start to reach scale in 2021 as more achieve FDA and other regulatory body approval. 
  • Precision and predictive medicine: see how genetic testing won’t just tell you about whether you have a risk for a certain illness, but for when it may occur to empower patient and provider decision-making. 

The digital health trends and innovations redefining healthcare

Digital health is fueling the value-based healthcare revolution. We saw at CES 2021 that the pace of this change is only set to continue accelerating. 

Image sources:  Origin Home & Health By Origin Wireless   ·   CVS Symphony   ·   Philips Patient Monitoring Kit

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