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The trends that are accelerating our financial future

Major tech releases may get all the limelight at CES, but this year’s discussions, keynotes and panels on FinTech really stole the show. The conference highlighted the fundamental changes in consumer buying behaviors (along with fundamental enterprise financial shifts) that are driving the FinTech revolution. We spent time with industry experts from traditional institutions like Mastercard and Bank of America, as well as some up and coming industry leaders like Stripe and Plaid to learn about how the world of financial technology is evolving. 

These changes are setting the precedent for how other industries and businesses are transitioning from in-person interaction to e-commerce. We’ve outlined these key FinTech trends from CES 2021 in our expert report, “The trends that are accelerating our financial future.”

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A high-level look at CES 2021’s most impactful FinTech trends: 

The shift to a cashless society

Paper money will soon be a thing of the past. As more and more retailers shift to e-commerce away from brick & mortar and embrace digital channels, FinTech companies are making it easier than ever to shop, save, bank and pay online. 

fintech trends
fintech trends

Financial wellness means more than just balancing your checkbook

2020 was a year for introspection and many of us used this time to focus on our overall personal wellness. Few things are more important than your financial wellness! We didn’t need CES to teach us that Financial wellness isn’t just about tracking our expenses. But it did show us just how many incredible different digital finance tools and opportunities there are! As more finance transitions to the digital world, data security is becoming more important than ever. Online, offline, anywhere—take control of your finances in the online and offline world by downloading our expert report now!

A more integrated financial ecosystem

The robustness of our financial eco-system can’t just be understood by one or two major innovations in FinTech. It’s also heavily reliant on how these innovations interact with other systems. As the digital rails in Finance continue to improve in an open-sourced manner, there will be a plethora of opportunities for companies to create truly frictionless, value-added services with lower barriers to entry that build trust between providers and consumers. 

fintech trend report

The trends that are accelerating our financial future

It is easy to miss the huge financial transformation happening almost invisibly in the digital world. CES 2021 showed us how COVID-19 further accelerated these shifts, setting the stage for growth we could have never predicted even a year ago! 




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Image sources:  Stripe