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Our digital finance experts blend strategy, design and engineering to help our customers harness disruptive technologies and opportunities to build innovative, integrated and frictionless financial services.


At Star FinTech & Digital Finance, we co-create and build innovative new FinTech ventures and products to ensure our partners thrive in the digital ecosystem. By merging our Start-up DNA with broad industry and tech expertise, we rapidly launch products and businesses from whiteboard concepts to market in less than 6 months.

Industry focus

Our cross-sector expertise allows us to invent, investigate, launch and scale new FinTech products and ventures. We work with our customers as partners and we act and think like investors to uncover real business challenges instead of just building business apps. We help you realize your vision to develop and refine tailored offerings to deploy and scale rapidly across customer segments.

Financial Services

We build and strengthen FinTech ecosystems to help start-ups, financial institutions, insurance banks and legacy FS deliver more value and services to their users. Our API-first and user-centric approach ensures security, interoperability, and seamless customer journeys.

Helping you capitalize on digital finance’s
enormous potential for growth and transformation

FinTech Builder

Know how and where to get started in FinTech. Understand which technologies to use, how to identify growth opportunity spaces and create viable paths to market through design thinking.

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FinTech Builder

We create and build user-centric FinTech products that drive lasting engagement, leverage the latest technologies and have lifecycle management support to ensure enduring success for your FinTech goals.

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FinTech Blockchain Applications

Outsmart finance industry evolution through accountancy, instant payments, smart contracts, share trading, syndicated lending and the latest blockchain applications.

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FinTech Blockchain Applications

We build and develop relevant and viable blockchain fueled products, harnessing Distributed Ledger Technology (DTL), Digital ID, Know your customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundry (AML), and additional - products integration.

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FinTech Digital Ventures

Create agile, tech-driven start-ups, products and solutions, incubate and grow your ideas until they're tested and market-ready, renew your business model, or map and develop an effective approach that aligns senior leaders and key stakeholders.

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FinTech Digital Ventures

Harness our deep expertise in strategy, transformation, venture building, cutting-edge disruptive tech, and direct experience as founders, management consultants and FinTech leaders across global innovation hubs to identify partners and ecosystem opportunity, build and validate business models and create value-driven roadmaps.

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Big Data for FinTech

Understand what data can do for you, identify and validate use cases, monetize while maintaining user trust and product engagement.

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Big Data for FinTech

We speak Big Data. From custom financial data and real-time cashflow insights to Data Lakes and financial reporting, we’ll help you harness data to ensure you make informed business decisions, expand your offering and grow your business.

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Digital Finance Experience

Transform customer journeys into a seamless and unified experience. Create integration across products, understand user needs and provide FinTech solutions that people love.

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Digital Finance Experience

We explicitly take a user-first approach with an intense focus on their needs and what engages them. Using a design thinking-based approach, we empathize with users, identify opportunities and rapidly prototype to get the right product to market fast through innovative technologies, integrating KYC, KYB, SME Financial systems and partnerships with ecosystem leaders.

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IoT Services

Integrate diverse technologies and ensure interoperability across wearables, digital wallets, IoT commerce, InsuranceTech and the next generation of connected devices.

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IoT Services

We leverage APIs, Open banking, blockchain and other technologies to create seamless and secure data flows between devices and to the cloud, ensuring your products and solutions are as mobile as your customers.

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Our capabilities in action

Creating a new FinTech experience

We deliver solutions that secure error-free onboarding for your customers, minimize drop-offs and prevent fraud.

We are great at

  • UI/UX Design
  • Project Management
  • Email A/C Management Service
  • Quality Assurance


We co-create products that open new doors to customer engagement and innovation and are readily scalable through our corporate expertise and start-up agility.

We are great at

  • Product Innovation
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Software Product Engineering
  • Experience & Architecture Design
  • Integration Transformations for Cloud Scalability

We are trusted by...

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Our mission is to accelerate your journey to digital finance success.


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Industry Experts

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Jawad Bhatti

Managing Director, Fintech

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Olivier Bessi

Product Director, Fintech

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Fabian Vandenreydt

Advisory Board

Shalika Hanum, UX Design Lead at Star

Shalika Hanum

UX Design Lead, FinTech

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Andreas Katsavos

Director of Technology, UK

Fintech solutions R1baj6em

Oksana Okolovych

Marketing Manager, FinTech

Fintech solutions R1bqj6em

Aleksandr Gornostal

Software Architect

Do you want
to know more?

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Viktor Molokanov

Engineering Lead

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Liza Veretennikova

Product Manager

Denis-Christiana Oproescu_Customer Success Manager at Star

Denis-Christiana Oproescu

Manager, Customer Success

Cigdem Heaver, Product Manager at Star

Cigdem Heaver

Product Manager


We are truly global.
Explore our locations around the world.

Star is a global team of product creators. We connect strategy, design and engineering services into a seamless workflow devised to build solutions with the right focus on impact, scalability, performance and prudence.

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