1-800Accountant is America’s leading small business accounting firm. They provide the full spectrum of accounting services, including tax preparation, bookkeeping, consulting, advice on financial best practice, and audit for new and existing small businesses.

  • Developed a new SSO web portal for tax and accounting services
  • Developed the accompanying web, iOS and Android apps and sub-apps
  • Created an Admin web interface for the new SSO portal
  • 1-800Accountant now generates new customers through an enhanced website and offers a broad range of online bookkeeping, tax and financial services

The idea

1-800Accountant wanted to streamline access to their portfolio of services. They recognized the potential in using digital technology to make tax filing and accounting easier and more accessible for small-business owners. However, they are primarily an accounting firm, not a tech one. They turned to Star for help in bringing their ideas to fruition.


Star worked with 1-800Accountant to develop Client Books, an entirely new single-sign-on (SSO) web portal where customers can access all of their tax and accounting services. The new

portal, along with the accompanying iOS and Android apps, helps engage new clients and provides a wide range of online bookkeeping, tax and financial features that make it easy to successfully run a business online.

One of the key new features within this online universe is the ability to sync bank and credit account transactions to the system, categorize them, and generate financial reports. This saves valuable time for both customers and in-house consultants.

Star developed the Client Books Admin portal, which helps 1-800Accountant consultants interact with clients more efficiently. Our collaboration also included the design and development of an entirely new website, complete with shopping cart and login functionality.

Project Scope

Service lines

Product management
UX/UI design
QA & Operations
Product launch and support


Front End
Back End