Charge up your two-wheeler HMI strategy with these expert insights

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More people worldwide are realizing that two wheels are better than four. Whether it’s the ability to zip through traffic, experience reliability and efficiency or just have a little fun, the industry is rapidly growing. With more cities and countries pushing toward net zero, we’ll only see two-wheeled transport options continue to rise in popularity. 

So, what’s the secret to a winning two-wheeled mobility product? From our research, we see the HMI as central to creating brand-defining experiences that distinguish your company and fuel enthusiastic and enduring engagement and loyalty. 

As more players look to get into the race, we’ve created this infographic to help new entrants and incumbents alike design game-changing two-wheel mobility solutions. So grab your helmet and hop on! 


Discover how to craft outstanding two-wheeled mobility experiences with these insights from Star’s Automotive & Mobility Practice.

Download now and explore:

  • The 5 things that matter most to two-wheel users 
  • How two-wheeled mobility will evolve over the next decade 
  • The 8 features that will help you stand out and lead 

The opportunity space in two-wheeled mobility is enormous. Now’s the time to stake your claim and set a bold course ahead. 

Star’s Automotive & Mobility Practice

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