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Health 2030: the technologies enabling aging in place

By 2030, 1 in 5 people will be over age 60. What will this world look like? Get a sneak preview in this discussion between Star’s Technology Director, HealthTech, Geoff Parker and Sean Lorenz, Director of Product Management at Linus Health.  

We are at the dawn of the MedTech and digital healthcare era. We foresee massive opportunities in what’s forecasted to be the $7.6 trillion longevity economy. 

While our aging population will create many challenges as our need for care increases, now’s the time for companies from across the healthcare spectrum and even cross-industry to deliver value and craft products that enable healthy, safe and affordable aging in place


Sean Lorenz
Director of Product Management at Linus Health

Sean Lorenz is Director of Product for the Senior Living division of Linus Health, a human-centered digital health company that seeks to radically improve brain health outcomes. With 20+ years of experience in UX, marketing and product development, Sean has helped build AI and IoT-driven startups across aging in place, digital health and robotics markets.

Sean has a Ph.D. in Cognitive & Neural Systems from Boston University, where he focused on the commercialization of non-invasive Brain-Computer Interface experiences for individuals with Locked-In Syndrome.

Geoffrey Parker
Technology Director, HealthTech at Star

As Technology Director for HealthTech at Star, Geoff brings over 25 years experience designing and delivering software solutions. Dedicated to healthcare, life sciences and wellness industries, Geoff believes that technology should enhance our lives in a non-invasive manner. He enjoys working with clients to understand their business and user needs, and deliver secure, connected and engaging solutions that address the industry’s regulatory requirements and deliver value to all stakeholders.

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What you’ll gain from this event

Featuring Linus Health and Star’s HealthTech Practice, together we’ll explore: 

  • The challenges and change drivers in our current healthcare system 
  • The nuances of what it means for a tech-savvy generation to age 
  • How different healthcare technologies are converging, and the advantages of consumer health companies approaching the regulated landscape and regulated HealthTech businesses becoming more consumerized 
  • How to start building a product strategy that leverages new technologies and embraces these trends

Over the next 10 years, healthcare is going to transform radically. As we’ve already seen, the playing field is wide open for disruption. Understand what you need to know in this expert webinar. 

At Star HealthTech, we believe in a future driven by user-centric, personalized and affordable healthcare for everyone. Register now to learn more!

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