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Enhancing mobility experiences through mixed reality

How can we harness immersive technology like VR, XR and MR to create enhanced travel experiences? 

A Mixed Reality future is closer than you realize. Whatever your preferred way of traveling, we find ourselves at an interesting tipping point for this breakthrough technology. Join us and be inspired by the potential of designing novel mobility experiences.

While many think of mixed reality (MR) as a marketing buzzword, it’s teetering on the edge of mainstream adoption. Many of the hardware obstacles that hindered its progress have been solved. Now designers must tackle the question of how they can meaningfully apply spatial perception and smart content. 

In this talk, we demystify the technology and all its acronyms, share mobility use cases and explore how human-machine interactions can be enhanced across every travel journey. 

Featuring special guest speaker: Lukas Stranger, CEO at NXRT

NXRT is leading MR driving simulations in automotive retail, rail and construction. Their XR-Software Suite provides designers and engineers with the best development environment for Mixed Reality. Lukas will lead part two of our discussion focusing on MR tech for next-gen test drives.

Look forward to seeing you at our mixed reality technology session!


Richard Sahala Hartanto
UX Designer at Star

Richard is a designer with a background in Mechatronics and Computer Vision. Passionate about delivering a seamless and delightful user experience, he excels in conveying ideas through prototypes.

His expertise spans AR/VR, mobility, entertainment, F&B, lodging and industrial packaging.

Bosen Zhou
UX Designer at Star

Bosen is an interdisciplinary design technologist with a passion for AR, XR and real-time 3D web applications. He aims to bring the digital world closer to the physical world and bridge the gap between design and coding. 

As a fast-learning generalist, he loves to create experiences worth sharing. Bosen has worked previously on strategy, design, front-end dev, and AR/XR dev in Shanghai, Mexico City, Berlin and Hamburg. 

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