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The decentralized
hospital: tech enablers
for a new model
of care

Join Star’s Director of Strategy & Insight Chris Scales, Technology Director, HealthTech, Geoff Parker and Jennifer Esposito, Vice President, General Manager, Health at Magic Leap, as they set the stage for the future of healthcare by highlighting major change drivers and the industry trends emerging as a consequence.

Together, they envision a decentralized care model fueled by digital health tech that pushes activity away from the hospitals and towards the edge. Care delivery will become increasingly decentralized while care-coordination will become increasingly centralized. The result will be a more effective approach designed to meet the quadruple aim: better health outcomes, lower cost of care, improved patient and staff experience. 


Jennifer Esposito
Vice President, General Manager, Health at Magic Leap

Jennifer Esposito is the VP and General Manager, Health at Magic Leap, also leading overall corporate strategy and development. With 20+ years of experience, Jennifer is a seasoned tech, healthcare IT, medical devices and biotech executive. After 13 years at GE Healthcare, Jennifer became the GM of Health and Life Sciences at Intel before joining Magic Leap.

Jennifer has a graduate degree from the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice and is a full member of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine. She holds a patent for an industrial IoT medical imaging data system.

Christopher Scales
Director of Strategy & Insight at Star

As Director of Strategy and Insight at Star, Christopher works primarily with the HealthTech Practice to define human-centered digital strategies designed to improve engagement and deliver better health outcomes. In addition to his healthcare design experience, he has also successfully brought to market consumer electronics, automotive and heavy industry products and solutions. Before joining Star, Christopher held numerous senior roles in strategic design consulting, internal corporate design and innovation groups.

Geoffrey Parker
Technology Director, HealthTech at Star

As Technology Director for HealthTech at Star, Geoff brings over 25 years experience designing and delivering software solutions. Dedicated to healthcare, life sciences and wellness industries, Geoff believes that technology should enhance our lives in a non-invasive manner. He enjoys working with clients to understand their business and user needs, and deliver secure, connected and engaging solutions that address the industry’s regulatory requirements and deliver value to all stakeholders.

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What you’ll gain from this event

These technologies are here now. Tomorrow’s industry winners will be those that connect these digital health tools and start leveraging them to create the healthcare experience we all deserve. 

Featuring Magic Leap and Star, you’ll get insights into: 

  • Change drivers and key industry trends creating impactful new ecosystem realities 
  • How technologies enable the interoperability of data to ensure these channels seamlessly connect with each other
  • What you’ll need to start delivering on technologies that are already shaping healthcare delivery
  • How to begin integrating these tools and essential partnerships into your digital health strategy

Many of these technologies are already creating impactful new ecosystem realities. Understand what you’ll need to start delivering on their potential and how to begin integrating them into your digital health strategy during this fascinating and forward-thinking expert discussion.

At Star, we believe in a future driven by on-demand, personalized and affordable healthcare for everyone. Register now to learn more!

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