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The tech enabling aging in place: Star and Linus Health webinar

The year is 2030. There are now more people over the age of 65 than under 30. What will this world look like? Star and Linus Health paint a picture in this forward-thinking webinar. They envision a world in which connected MedTech, and digital healthcare technologies enable safer, healthier and more independent aging in place. 

Forget about the silver tsunami. This is the centenarian boom. As our population rapidly ages, this is an opportunity for healthcare businesses to leverage new technologies, improve outcomes and deliver greater value at every stage of care. 

In this HealthTech webinar, you’ll uncover: 


  • The challenges and change drivers making now a pivotal moment to act
  • The nuances in what it means for an increasingly tech-savvy generation to age
  • Converging trends in both the regulated MedTech and consumer healthcare market
  • Expertise on SaMD and AI medical devices 
  • Expert predictions on technology changes based on what’s available on the market today
  • Product and technical considerations for every company looking to innovate, disrupt and lead

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Tackling key MedTech and digital healthcare innovation pain points 

This discussion specifically targets decision-makers looking to innovate, modernize and support the facilitation of in-home care and MedTech products in the home. In addition to envisioning the future, our expert speakers dive into the pain points facing the HealthTech industry today, such as:

  • Technology overload and a lack of integration 
  • Extending service offerings and doing more with data 
  • Improving usability to foster enduring product engagement 
  • Overcoming growing healthcare professional worker shortages 
  • Rising decentralization and the shift to in-home care and “homspitals”

They also dive into the consumerization of healthcare and what it means both for regulated MedTech and consumer devices. These are the considerations that should underpin your product strategy and help chart your roadmap to the future. 

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Why healthcare businesses should be eyeing aging in place

Aging in place technologies are an immense and underutilized opportunity. By 2050, the Longevity Economy — the economic contributions of those over 50 — is projected to reach $28.2 trillion. Moreover, older adults tend to have more disposable income and are much more likely to have health insurance or be covered by Medicare if in the US. 

Baby boomers are propelling these trends. However, while 77% of people aged 50 and older prefer to age in place, only 50% believe they’ll be able to. Older adults need better options for care, and we see a unique opportunity for software as a medical device and internet of medical things technology to bridge this gap.

Finally, these technologies are becoming increasingly present in everybody’s lives regardless of age. Products discussed such as IoMT wearables, AI-guided diagnostics and neurological screening aren’t from a science fiction-Esque future. They are on the market now and will only continue to grow more sophisticated, interconnected and impactful. 

Digital health technologies for aging in place

Watch the complete Health 2030: the tech enabling aging place webinar now

The full webinar covers much more. Geoff Parker, HealthTech, Technology Director and Sean Lorenz, Sr. Director of Product Management, Linus Health, share further insights on technical considerations, connectivity, regulatory, usability and clinical requirements. In addition, you’ll get to hear direct experience from Sean and Linus Health’s product journey, including about their DCTclock: a Time 100 Best Innovation of 2021. Download the companion report and watch now. 

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