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Webinar recording: Launch fitness and wellness apps in days, not months

Is COVID-19 driving your digital transformation?

The ongoing global pandemic has caused major disruptions to the fitness and wellness industry. Many companies have reacted immediately, trying to adapt to the new normal of quarantine, lockdowns and social distancing by developing digital offerings using online content, media streaming and even video conferencing. 

All of these immediate reactions can be compared to emergency medical assistance: they are super important, they need to be quick and reactive and can serve as catalysts for innovation.  

In the rush to adapt to an uncertain marketplace, it’s also important to take the time to choose long-term, strategic solutions. You need to address a short-term need with a long-term strategy. 

In this session, we address these key questions:

  • Is your business covering the basics?
  • Are you creating the content and services which will be still relevant after the quarantine/restrictions are over?
  • Can you predict future needs and behavioral changes?
  • How can you use the time now to quickly test new ideas for products, features, and services?

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