The future of two-wheel mobility: top trends at the 2021 EICMA Motorcycle Show

Yossef Schvetz

by Yossef Schvetz

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The pulse-racing uprise in the electrification of two-wheelers at the 2021 EICMA Motorcycle Show proved traditionalists might need to reconsider their ways. The Mobility industry is going through a paradigm change that will reshape design, offer alternative charging methods and adapt technology to increase safety.

The 2021 EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan presented an evolutionary transformation of two-wheel mobility. Long gone are the days of the more cubic centimeters, the better: the established players now share the stage with electric mobility newcomers.

Electrification has gathered enormous momentum. Newcomers to the industry may be rejoicing now, but the establishment also has a vast digital innovation pipeline. New sensory and HMI technology offers intelligent safety solutions for riders. 

E-mobility is here to stay, but will cumbersome recharging efforts keep gas-powered engines revving? As the industry makes a paradigm shift, we’ve created a visual pathway that recaps the top trends and technologies that stood out at EICMA 2021.

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  • How electrification is reshaping design
  • Why on-the-go recharging offers a new way forward
  • What sensorial and HMI technology can do for road safety
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Yossef Schvetz
Head of Design, Italy at Star

Yossef Schvetz is Head of Design, Italy at Star. He works with Star’s European and international clients to ideate, define and refine design-driven strategies and approaches to problem-solving and innovation. Formerly an Industrial and User Experience Design Director, he has led projects for iconic names such as Amgen, Abbott, Merck, Nokia, HP and Johnson & Johnson. Yossef is a strong advocate of holistic user experiences, deep field research and always makes sure products are human-centric and bring impactful improvements to users.

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