From user perspectives to disruptive tech: Exploring global mobility opportunities tailored to China

Date: April 27, 2024
Location: Crowne Plaza Beijing International Airport Hotel, Meeting Room 3, Floor 2.
Address: No.60, Fuqian 1st Street, Tianzhu, Shunyi District, 101312, Beijing.

Secure your spot now as limited seats are available.

In the heart of China's rapidly evolving automotive sector, success hinges on the ability to leverage innovation and create a differentiating brand and driving experience. At Star, we understand that each brand is on a unique journey. We are committed to bringing our industry insights and technical capabilities to co-create with OEM leaders, helping them forge a clear path of growth tailored to their specific needs.

Why Attend?

Our exclusive workshop is designed for decision-makers at the Beijing Auto Show who are determined to carve a unique path in the industry. Utilizing our unique Endgame Thinking methodology, our goal is to uncover innovative strategies enabling you to adjust to shifting market dynamics, evolving consumer preferences, and advancements in technology.

Together in our workshop, we will explore the following:

  • Global vision, local Impact: Present the latest innovations and our assessment of global mobility trends and discuss their implications for the Chinese market.
  • Peer-to-peer exchange: Participants share their perspectives and insights in an exclusive group setting to explore and evaluate new ideas and solutions together.
  • Path to success: Engage with our experts to explore how your brand can use the Endgame Thinking methodology to crystallize the impact your brand ultimately wants to provide to customers both in China and globally while staying adaptable to the changing mobility sectors and for a distinct and successful path forward.
automotive hmi design

Our workshop is designed to empower you to seize new opportunities and drive growth-driven business models. 

Workshop facilitators

  • Thomas-Helmer

    Thomas Helmer

    Principal Designer at Star

    Thomas is a product designer passionate about visualization and 3D model creation, great storytelling and combining outstanding UX with smart uses of novel technologies. His focus is primarily in the automotive and consumer electronics sectors, where he works with some of Germany and Europe’s most exciting brands.  

  • Jana Kapitz

    Jana Kapitz

    Design Director, Research and Strategy

    Jana has a background in Sinology, Sociology and qualitative research methodology and landed in the design world by accident. Since then, she has made her way through the world of design and global consulting both in Germany and China, expanding her knowledge and experience in design research and strategy. Jana is passionate about people, understanding contexts, and reading between the lines - all to create frameworks that enable clients to make better and more sustainable decisions in their innovation and product development processes. 

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