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& Mobility

We create holistic consumer mobility journeys through user-centered design and omnichannel digital experiences.


At Star, we’re all about co-creation. From ideation through launch, we work with our customers every step of the way.

Automotive & 
Mobility Services

From stunning HMIs, connected vehicle and IoT solutions to engaging digital products and services, Star has created award-winning solutions for more than 35 OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and mobility startups. As your complete partner for innovation, strategy and development, we will turn your innovative concepts into reality.

We are ready to address your challenges when creating products and services for automotive and mobility digital ecosystem

Rapid innovation

Generate and shape new product and services ideas for an ever-evolving automotive digital ecosystem.

Rapid innovation

Star has an innovation framework that makes ideation, iteration and launch fast, reliable and predictable. Get the detailed process walk-through.

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Putting data to use

Figure out how to use vehicle data you are collecting to create value-added products and services for users.

Putting data to use

Star has delivered more than 50 projects related to personalized and predictive features that make users' lives easier. Do you want to hear the stories?

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Creating products that users love

Since designing software isn’t your core expertise, harness our cross-functional teams to build user-centric software products on time and on budget.

Creating products that users love

Star has a unique blend of product strategy, design & engineering experts working side-by-side, helping you create award-winning products. Are you interested to see the examples?

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HMI that differs

Create next-level in-car experiences using UX innovation and user-centricity, while reducing complexity.

HMI that differs

Star has designed it all - from production-ready HMIs to futuristic concepts and robotic companions. We can ideate and design things that no one has ever seen before. Ready to explore?

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Our automotive and mobility services offerings

HMI and Infotainment

We create stunning in-car experiences by harnessing cutting-edge technology and an in-depth understanding of the customer journey.

We are great at

Production vehicles HMI design
HMI concepts and future HMI vision 
In-vehicle experience design
Robotic AI companions
Demo stands
Data-driven personalization of HMI
User testing of the HMI
HMI use cases definition

Applications & Services

We create easy-to-use, personalized applications and services that improve users’ lives and ensure your brand stands out in the market.

We are great at

Digital products and services ideation
Digital companion applications
Mobility applications 
In-vehicle applications
Alexa skills development
Smart onboarding and driver coaching solutions


We build integrated mobility & vehicle platforms that create immersive, user-centric experiences, new revenue-driving services and streamlined processes.

We are great at

Platforms solution architecture
Fleet and traffic management
Platform integrations
Vehicle and user data collection, analysis and insights
Personalization through data
Digital vehicle retail platforms and brand experiences

Our mission is creating
your highway to success




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Recent Cases

Automotive & mobility

Designing a next-gen HMI

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Automotive & mobility

Exploring the future of in-car comfort with a world-leading automotive supplier

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Automotive & mobility

Creating an in-car concierge service

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Switching gears. Designing the next-gen Dealer platform for the e-bike market

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Our customers say...

our customer says:
“Star helped us define a holistic brand experience that engages and delights across the entire consumer journey.

With such excellent deliverables, we are confident in implementing this strategy in the nearest future.
our customer says:
“NOMI is not just a bonus option at an inexpensive price but a foundational engagement point for us and our customers.

Star helped us design not only a new HMI experience but a pure revenue driver that drivers and passengers love.
our customer says:
“The program was well planned and structured towards uncovering a meaningful hypothesis around new ways of thinking about premium HMIs.

We are always amazed how Star delivers such quality in a tight timeframe.
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Industry Experts

Seth Vogel

Managing Director, Automotive & Mobility

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Oleg Lebedyn


Matthias Schmiedbauer

Head of design

Julia Poluliakh


Misha Sopiha

Embedded Linux Architect

Eugenia Kotikova


Artem Yakovenko


Marina Radko


Oleksii Oleksiienko


Mikhail Rakityanskiy

Head of Design