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We are passionate about improving people's lives with digital products that are a pleasure to use.


At Star, we’re all about co-creation. From ideation through launch, we work with our clients every step of the way.

Our ambition is to become the world’s premier MedTech and Digital Healthcare product development partner and improve billions of lives globally.

Explore our expertise:


Our MedTech domain expertise combines
a strong strategic approach with regulatory-focused development experience and design excellence. Let’s co-create products that enhance patient experience and improve people's lives.

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Digital Healthcare

Our passion for building digital healthcare products is complemented by our healthcare domain expertise, design-driven approach and end-to-end capabilities. From ideation and concept crafting through market ready, we're your complete partner for secure, compliant and user-centric healthcare product development.

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people’s lives
as a core
people’s lives
as a core

Bringing your MedTech and Digital Healthcare ideas to market with the latest strategy, design and engineering solutions for the regulated medical device ecosystem

Product strategy and roadmapping

Inspire innovation and create a compelling and actionable product vision with our healthcare strategy experts.

Product strategy and roadmapping

We craft product-driven strategic roadmaps built on strong technology and regulatory foundations, with close attention to interoperability and risk management.

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User-driven design

Make the best use of technology with user-centric UI/UX design that reduces complexity, removes friction and improves outcomes.

User-driven design

Star’s Design HealthTech Practice leverages human-centered design expertise to create products people love. We design with a focus on user engagement, empathy and regulatory strategy to accelerate user adoption and time-to-market.

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Healthcare specific software development

Develop scalable, secure and user-driven digital products that bring value to billions of people.

Healthcare specific software development

Star’s Engineering HealthTech Practice experts use their healthcare software engineering, security and data management expertise to develop and bring to market secure and reliable digital healthcare products.

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Regulatory and compliance

Navigate compliance and regulatory complexities to create safe and effective products and secure HealthTech market success.

Regulatory and compliance

Our expert team will guide you through the nuances of FDA, GDPR, EU MDR compliance, IEC 62304, ISO 27001, ISO 13485 standards and other requirements to streamline regulated product development.

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Ensure safe data flows across the entire healthcare ecosystem to drive value and market adoption of your product.


We build and connect interoperable digital products that exchange data accurately, effectively and consistently throughout a variety of platform, system and ecosystem infrastructures.

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Data science

Build AI-powered solutions with all the benefits of Big Data.

Data science

We have a team of data scientists with vast experience in preparing and processing data sets for machine learning. Our core expertise lies in an in-depth knowledge of building AI-powered software.

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We're certified and experienced healthcare technologists


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Our HealthTech offerings


Delivering better health outcomes with compliant MedTech solutions.

We're great at

  • SaMD
  • Medical device software
  • Digital therapeutics
  • Clinical decision support
  • IoMT

Digital Healthcare

Improving people's lives through connected digital healthcare solutions.

We're great at

  • Telehealth/Connected devices
  • EMR/Patient portals
  • Care management/RX platforms
  • Wellness platforms
  • Fitness OEM/Fitness Provider ecosystems
  • Remote monitoring/Symptoms checkers
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Our customers say...

Client_s Name=Zeiss

“We enjoy working with Star particularly because of their outstanding solution- and goal-oriented thinking!

They are always very motivated to accompany us on unused paths and even taking the lead and find ideas, no matter if it was a rough or precise briefing.

The directions and solutions we get from them are always valuable, based on solid work and usually exceeding our expectations… as if they had understood exactly what we need - sometimes, without us even knowing ourselves!”

Client_s Name=Constant Therapy

“It’s been a pleasure working with the team at Star, from the management down.

The developers are top-notch, and they assimilated into our team smoothly. In addition to their technical skills, Star incorporated industry-standard best practices that helped us streamline our software development cycle as we moved from the startup phase into a larger organization.

Our collaboration with Star has helped us deliver high-quality software to our users.”

Client_s Name=Clarify

“We have worked with Star on a number of projects, and are always impressed with their professionalism and creativity.

The Star team is able to work side-by-side with our people and provide the necessary design and software engineering skills to get the job done.

Our long-term partnership has helped us accelerate certain development projects. We appreciate the Star team’s professionalism and ability to quickly hit the ground running.”

Client_s Name=EGYM

“We chose to work with Star because of their stellar reputation, and their talents across all the technologies that we required to realize the EGYM Cloud.

Their dedication and passion for the project was beyond what I expected, and our work together can only be defined as a partnership”


“We chose to work with Star because of my positive experience working with them at my prior job. Star feels like they’re part of our team, and we rely on them as if they were our own employees. I am very pleased with Star's creative design, quality engineering, and on-time and on-budget project management.

We’re excited by the enthusiastic response we’re getting with the beta launch of the Covid Calculator and appreciative of Star's partnership in making this possible.”

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multinational clients


of our new projects are recurring customers or referrals through our existing clients


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of technological innovation



locations worldwide

Recent Cases

Get a look into how we combine strategy, design and engineering to help our clients accelerate HealthTech innovation:

HealthTech Innovation Services R19ij6cm


Developed a scalable, HIPAA-compliant solution that can support up to 1,000 physical locations

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HealthTech Innovation Services R1aij6cm


Co-created an interactive platform that connects equipment, third-party apps and fitness trackers

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HealthTech Innovation Services R1bij6cm


On-time delivery and successful market rollout ensured quick delivery of Johnson Fit's integrated cross-platform system

Star assisted Johnson Health Tech, the world’s third-largest fitness equipment manufacturer, with developing the mobile, web and console versions of their Personal Trainer Portal, a cross-platform system that measures fitness progress.

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HealthTech Innovation Services R1cij6cm


Built physician portal and automated workflow to help physicians better harness health analytics

Star and Clarify Health partner to develop a professional physician portal that helps physicians easily review and approve analysis metrics related to their practice.

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HealthTech Practice

David Box-min

David Box

Managing director,

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Geoffrey Parker

Technology Director,

Desktop( Mobile ) Strategy Experts − Christopher Scales-min

Christopher Scales

director of strategy & insight

Tomasz-Puk-Grey-Back (1)

Tomasz Puk

Director of Regulatory Consulting and Technology


Yossef Schvetz

Head of Design, Italy

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Nataly Avanesova

head of marketing,


Przemyslaw Palemba

delivery manager, Healthtech


Piotr Rydzewski

Delivery Manager, HealthTech

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Alona Makogon

Business Development Associate, HealthTech

Indusrty-Dariusz-Nabialczyk (1)

Dariusz Nabialczyk

Engineering Manager, Healthtech

HealthTech Innovation Services R1dql6cm

Antonina Burlachenko

Engineering Manager, Quality Assurance, HealthTech


Alona Lazarenko

Business Development, Europe


Anastasia Azar

Business Development, US


Maria Miniuk

Business Development, US


We are truly global.
Explore our locations around the world.

Star is a global team of product creators. We connect strategy, design and engineering services into a seamless workflow devised to build solutions with the right focus on impact, scalability, performance and prudence.

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